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CPEII Staying Healthy Workshops
2014-2015 Staying Healthy Workshop Series
This years’ workshops are listed below, they will be offered on a Tuesday morning at 8:30 or Wednesday afternoon at 5:30 and will last approximately 30 minutes.. Please sign up for as many of these workshops as you like. We will provide childcare for the afternoon sessions.
February 10th and 11th Alternative Approaches to Discipline – Maja Bergman
Are you struggling to get your child to cooperate? Are you finding that time outs and rewards charts aren’t really working? Maybe you made a New Year’s resolution to stop yelling and are looking for advice on what to do instead. Come join us for an alternative approaches to discipline.

February 24th and 25th Video Game Addiction – Adam Rzetelny
Video and online gaming have become common among kids, but when is it too much and when is it ok? This workshop will provide information and discussion about video-game use and addiction among kids. Parents can learn to identify which behaviors are more problematic and their potential consequences, as well as ways to address them. Parents will be guided to resources and assistance in determining if professional help is needed.

March 10th and 11th Family Empathy Workshop – Jessica Klein
Social isolation, depression and anxiety have tripled since the eighties; and afflict children at younger ages. Empathy and trust are plummeting. Strong and caring relationships are scarce today—but remain vital for increasing well-being among youth and adults alike. Children need to develop empathy—so as to develop fulfilling and supportive connections with family, friends and others. Come and play new empathy games and practice playful empathy skills—and then share them with your children. This will help them build and develop the healthy and nurturing relationships we all need to thrive.
April 18th Picky Eaters – Amy Wilensky, at the Spring Wellness Fair
May 5th and 6th Eating and Body Image – Liz Cohen
We receive so many messages from the media, peers and family members about food and our bodies that it can often be hard to figure out what is the healthiest approach to take. Learning how to regulate our food intake and feel confident in our bodies is an essential skill for children to learn. Come and learn how we as parents can help support children in understanding caloric intake, healthy exercise, and realistic body image expectations. Come to our workshop on healthy eating and body image to help learn the best ways to nurture your child’s confidence.

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