February 10, 2017 SLT Meeting

CPE 2 SLT #6 2.10.17


Attendees  : Lilach, Batia, Alissa, Eva, Bill, Matt, Vida, Theresa, Naomi, and Yhane as UFT rep delegate


Empathy work is progressing well. The grant may be winding down and Jesse is awaiting approval  for her to do additional research.


Put Sustainable group in touch with the Monica to write grants. Alternatively,  we could contact NY Restoration Project to help us with our garden.


New website – We discussed the building a new website with Fire spring.  The SLT thought that the cost seemed a bit expensive and we should consider other alternatives.


Update on

  • RESO A Grant – Grant due 2/14th
  • Biggest  need – new smart board technology in elementary school
  • We currently have one lap cart for whole elementary school.
  • As of 3/16 – we submitted 2 grant requests for:
  •  2 more laptop carts and 10 Smartboards
  • Water fountains for both buildings and electricity upgrade.


Hopes and Dreams summary and divide into work groups.

  • Fundraising goals is to establish Friends of CPE 2. Through the discussion, we have realized that are current 501c3 was not filed with the State Charity organization and we need to get another one. Maggie Jacobs, is pursuing getting a lawyer to file the papers for us pro bono.
  • Looking for a new building has not been successful. We are working on getting feedback from the staff to create a compelling argument for a new building. We need to review it and perhaps we can start our letter writing campaign at a PA Meeting.
  • Created a google doc for people to update the status of the Hopes & Dreams  Projects


Originally we were going to turn the March SLT meeting into another working session but the work has not progressed enough.


Arts in middle school – is the plan to have a future Art program in the middle school as well?  We have connected with at least one program to help students create portfolios for Art High Schools.  Maybe it’s something that could be discussed at a later date when we discuss the CEP.


Field/ sports day, talent show, kitchen aren’t SLT initiatives. 

Field day is coordinated by Naomi and Yhane with some help from HW and the PA

  • PA coordinates the volunteers.
  • Makes announcements
  • Creates signup.
  • Health Wellness helps plan the  activities

Talent show is an event that was started by 2 parents who have since left he school. It has been taken over by Carolyn Leonhart and Nancy Fuentes as directors, Liz has helped them in  an executive producer type of role. PA buys the food and turns around and sells it for a profit – Traditionally it has been pizza  and a bake sale. The money goes to the PA. And we raise about $600

Kitchen initiative was started by PA members, impediments are confirming /waiting for the SCA response

  • Electrical current is enough
  • Confirming plumbing – pipe width for the double sink that was requested
  • Confirming that there is no asbestos in the space.

School staff also need the time to consider how they will coordinate the scheduling/ utilization of the kitchen space among the various classrooms and Art. The kitchen is not going to be up and running in this school year.

This meeting was on Naomi’s 68th birthday, so it ended with cupcakes.


CUPCAKES!! What Healthy Food Policy?

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