January 20, 2017 SLT Meeting

SLT Meeting  1.20.17

Coffee/Tea with Naomi had a good turnout.

Discussed questions around the arts curriculum offered in the Middle school

  •         Music
  •          Art
  •          PE
  •          Language

A lot of what is provided is based on the number of students we have, as our school population increases so can what we offer.


Update the small yard (104th St) with rubber flooring – this is something that Coach Rob has asked for, several people are looking at this. We have made a request of Chris Oehl, our custodians supervisor and we will reach out to the School Construction Authority

Can the PA sponsor an afterschool activity?  This is  a more challenging issue because:

A.      Need someone to manage the program and oversee the staff

B.      Need a clear process for transporting the children from dismissal to the program

C.      Need someone to ensure that all kids get picked up in a timely fashion and handle emergencies

D.      Need a process to collect payment & to disburse payments

E.       Find space to hold the program

  1.    Explore the possibility of having a teacher lead the class and perhaps have the PA pay someone to run the program.

SLT will also explore the possibility of  Virtual Work Sessions for our meetings. Have Tasks for people to do before meetings

New Building We are waiting on feedback from teachers as to why we need one  building.

We will need a letter writing campaign, but before we do that, we need a strategy.

Lilach met with Marcia at Park East. The building would not be a good fit for us.  Possibly an option for a middle school.  Building is a labyrinth. But DOE is open to have a private developer build a new building that we could use. We would pay to rent the  space.

Friends  of CPE  2  We need to create a new 5013c  we may need to do a certificate of incorporation and file with NYC charities . Need to talk to a lawyer as to what is the best way to handle this.

Teachers and Staff Holiday gifts  policy


Middle school is getting a luncheon next Friday 1/27

CEC 4 Elections are happening in the spring.


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