March 17, 2017 SLT Meeting

CPE2  SLT meeting #7  3.17.17


We had a long discussion about how we as a group work on the CEP and the process that we use. Essentially, conclusions from our conversations form the basis of the document. For example, the Windows Into Progressive Education, came from our conversation last year. We also need to be cognizant on how we craft our questions for discussion.


We do tours in November, December, and January for prospective Pre-K, Kindergarten parents. Parents for kids in other grades can also participate


CPEII Handbook

CPE II Handbook is being reviewed by Naomi right now. Once she has finished, we will create a pdf and look at posting on our website. The plan is to distribute it out at the beginning of school.


Friends of CPEII 501(c)3 

Yhane has volunteered to help with getting this set up. This initiative was being worked on under the auspices of the H&D Fundraising group. Maggie Jacobs is working with a contact at a law firm to have the firm create the documents for us.


Kitchen Classroom 

We need to give the custodian a list of the kitchen equipment we are looking to install. Update:  Chris Oehl from the School Construction Authority (SCA) received the list on Tuesday March 28th.

How we integrate it into the curriculum. The plan on how school/staff will implement it into curriculum will be worked on by school staff. Anat will be liaison with the HW. This won’t  be ready until the beginning of the next school year in September.



Toilets don’t flush all that well. We will send a letter to the custodian with cc to Chris Oehl stating that we need toilets fixed since we are not getting updated toilets.


Evaluations of Next Year’s Programs 

Every year, the teachers evaluate programs as a group first and then come together as a staff to discuss, through this process the staff realized the PhysEd Plus wasn’t the PE program for us. This will be coming up for us soon. We will explore the idea of getting parent feedback of our programs by surveying them. UPDATE – a survey is almost ready for the parents to complete


Music Teacher

Does the school have funding for a full-time music teacher? We had a full-time music teacher we also had a request for a full-time PE teacher.  Our school is too small for all the teachers that we need. Currently we use the 92Y program for music for preK- 3rd grade, we will see if we can add hands on instrument instruction to that program. Also, its hard to fit all the core requirements and the enrichment in the short school day we have.


Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) 

This is submitted by end of school year. What is the purpose of the CEP? This document is created by staff with input from the parent SLT members over the course of the year. It is a guideline for the school that sets the school priorities, establish goals and aligns resources.  As members, we contribute to this document through our discussions. The Window into Progressive Education is a result of SLT conversations. As members, we will try to be more thoughtful as we pose questions about the process. We incorporate DOE requirements into our community in ways that are consistent with our practice. We also discussed the need to do some work outside of our meetings in preparation. Link to information on on SLTs,frameless.htm?NRMODE=Published

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