October 28, 2016 SLT Meeting

SLT Meeting  October 28, 2016


Attendance – Lilach Musman, Batia Serrette, Nell Becker, Theresa Luongo, Naomi Smith, Matt Amore, Vida Nazemian, Bill Gladstone, Eva Schwartz, Elizabeth Simmons, Alissa Peck



Identifying Class Parents – This is a work in progress. Some teachers have identified class parents while others are still working towards that.

Class Parent Job Description – Yhane will write a letter describing what the teachers are looking for in class parents. 2/3 of the letter should be boilerplate for everyone and the last third can be customized by teacher.


Teacher gifts

We have 60+ people on staff.   Some staff feel that a note or a picture book is nice (picture book idea is best for end of year gift).

Several options: were discussed:

         Create a go-fund-me type of campaign and that money would then be split evenly among the staff

         Fund a holiday party for the staff



Have a collection of money to go into a group fund. It would be divided equally and given to staff as holiday cheer and depending on the amount of money collected the SLT/PA will make sure that every staff member will get something . The staff may decide to use the money collectively for a holiday party. No minimum amount is suggested and giving is optional.

Staff members also appreciate handmade cards by the children.



Question: Our school has the early lunch and can we switch that around?

Answer:  It doesn’t seem likely, while early this time is convenient for us now.

Question : regarding the amount of time that kids have to eat their lunch. Kids have 25 minutes to eat.


Naomi/Theresa explained that the children do have enough time to eat their lunch.

  • Some children socialize during lunch.
  • Some kids are throwing their lunch in the garbage.
  • Some kids who bring in home lunch and then see school lunch they would rather eat that and grab it.
  • Some parents send lunches that are really big.
  • Some kids don’t always like the choice and may not eat the lunch.


When kids don’t eat, we contact the families. When kids throw out the lunches, they are being asked why they are throwing out their home lunch, the kids respond that they don’t like the lunch.  Naomi and Theresa patrol the lunch room making sure the kids are eating.

Hopes and Dreams Workgroups will meet with parents  on Dec 2nd

  •          Parent Communication
  •          Creating Compassionate Communities
  •          Sustainable CPE2
  •          School Advocacy


School Advocacygroup includes the following:

  • Finding us a new space where middle and elementary can be together in one space
  • Creating a separate non-profit 5013c Friends of CPEII organization to pursue large scale fundraising
  •  Alissa will take ownership of Friends of group 5013C

Questions we need to figure out:

  • Should we look for a new space?
  • Should we ask people about space?
  • Central DOE deals with space.  We need to layout the argument for a single space and Start a diplomatic campaign to get a bigger space.
  • Dist 4  may not be amenable to us leaving the district.

Have each working group decide what they are working on  and  list their goals.

Teachers have started on their restorative justice training.



  • Where do the children get drinking  water during the day?
  • The children get water from water jugs, they are also encouraged to bring water bottles to refill during the day.
  • Double check on the water quality.



Healthy food policy

We need to work towards something more concrete in the context of celebrations. We have  clear rules regarding what can be eaten for lunch but it does not carry over for celebrations. We need to think about this some more. Health & Wellness is working on a proposal.



This year a few of the programs that have been traditionally free are looking for us to provide some funding. Perhaps PA  can allocate money to fund the art programs.  PA raised approximately $9K  from the Fall Fair.  We need the names and costs of the programs where there is a funding need.

We are also looking for an Afterschool program for 7th graders to develop  art portfolios to apply to art high schools.   Does PS 108 have an art teacher? Is it possibly to perhaps share the teacher? Batia will look at it.

The Student form was used to identify volunteers, we have been able to create volunteers lists for the library, gardening, Health &Wellness and office. The lists have been used in a limited way


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