September 30, 2016 SLT Meeting

SLT Meeting #1 9.30.16


Background on SLT

We discussed the SLT role in the school as a consulted body and gave as an example the Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP). The SLT works to create this document.

The “Window To Progressive Education” Event we had last June was a direct result of a conversation that came out of the SLT. At CPE 2, the SLT hosts an annual Hopes & Dreams meeting in May. Parents/guardians and staff come together and brainstorm ideas that they would like to see implemented in the school.

Below are a few examples of ideas that came from the Hope & Dreams meeting:

  • El Taller After School Program
  • The Garden
  • The Middle School


At the most recent Hopes & Dreams meeting (May 2016), we broke out into several groups focusing in on the following areas :

  • Creating Compassionate Communities
  • Parent Communication
  • School Advocacy (Includes Fundraising, Space)
  • Sustainable CPEII ( Garden/Health & Wellness)


At that time, we discussed having these groups continue to work on the respective projects throughout the 2016-2017 school year.


Liz brought up that goal and we discussed how we can implement the working groups into our process.

It was decided that in the October meeting we will discuss those work groups/topics and in the November meeting we will invite more parents and staff to participate.


Lilach mentioned that we should post the hopes and dreams event summary on the school website.


Batia mentioned that her group was discussing fundraising and they thought that establishing a “Friends of CPE 2” non-profit 501-3(c) would allow us to raise more funds from corporations  but in order for that to really work  we need to know what our  specific goals are and where the shortfalls are. What do we need? Money for things such as school expansion (finding a new building), enrichment etc. Batia also mentioned that we should announce our fundraising goals at the beginning of the year so that parents can be prepared and more likely to donate for a specific cause.


Sustainability was another work group- integrating the garden and the kitchen in the educational curriculum is part of this goal. The IOBY crowdfunding project met it’s goal and we have over  $10k to build out the kitchen.

Alissa mentioned that the PA had about $60,000 in the bank but projected to spend over $40,000 in this budget year so there is a real fundraising need.


Naomi mentioned that the various Arts enrichment are getting more expensive. For example, Arts connection is going up to $7K from $3K.

She also added that they wanted to have “responsive classroom program for the staff but it is very expensive.

Matt wanted to understand better what fund teachers have they can tap into from the PA money.


Parent Communication 

Vida reminded us that last year Eva wrote a letter about parent- teacher’s communication that was not distributed. We need a last review of it before it’s sent out to all parents.

Class Parents

We discussed the need for a class parents as in previous years each class had one. It was decided that Naomi will discuss with the teachers what their need is and if they like to approach a specific parent and request that they will volunteer as a class parent, Vida asked if the Arts can also get a Volunteer parent.


The issue of holiday gifts and gratitude was discussed, we will continue in the next SLT meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:45 pm


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