April 21, 2017 SLT Minutes

SLT minutes

This meeting was focused on preparation for the May Hopes & Dreams meeting.
Alissa will do short intro explaining the history/goals of this event. We will break into groups for discussion. Groups should identify 2-3 big goals and work towards those. Groups should be prepared to present at 6:45 what they have come up with.
There are 4 groups and we need  to present an organization chart, depicting what each group does.
  • School Advocacy
  • Social Justice
  • Creating Compassionate Communities
  • Parent Communication/Engagement
We discussed approaching  the conversation by defining the outcome we wanted to achieve.   For example,  Parent Communication/ Engagement – Get resources, Identify needs of classroom & school in general and connect them to the resources. So the question is how do we get there? We can start by developing a bank of skills.
Status Updates
Sustainable CPEII
  • Physical Activity – 3 After School clubs have started
    • 5th grade basketball
    • Middle school Basketball
    • Running Club
  • Garden
    • Grant written and received to build a greenhouse
    • Greenhouse is greenlighted by Division of School Facilities


Creating Compassionate Communities

  • Restorative Practices have been implemented in some cases
  • Jessie Klein has started the parent empathy group
 Parent Communication
  • Parent welcoming committee is started and has started to reaching out to new parents
  •  Handbook is done and is being reviewed by Naomi, 
  •  Parent Communication – is still a work in progress, in some cases, communication has gotten better but we still have some work to do.
  • Alissa will create a parent engagement survey
  • Website  – The cost of the vendor to build a site was more than we wanted to spend, we need to look at some other school websites and see who does their sites. There is a mom who has website experience, Alissa will reach out to her.
    • Brooklyn New School
    • Ella Baker


School Advocacy

  • We need to start the letter writing campaign for a new building, we need to organize the feedback from the staff for campaign.
  • Still trying to work on the Friends of CPE II 5013 (c)
Action Items:
  • Matt to create a survey around teacher interests/challenges/obstacles in social justice areas.
  • Need to reach out to Jessie Klein for updates on Empathy
  •  Batia is creating a survey to get parent feedback on the programs that are offered in the school. This data will be used by the staff in their discussion assessing the programs.

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