May PA Meeting Minutes


May 2017 General Membership Meeting Minutes

A general membership meeting of the CPE2 Parents Association was held on Friday, May 5, 2017, at 8:30 a.m. in the CPE2 Elementary School cafeteria. A quorum was present.



PA Exec. Board: Alissa Peck (President), Michelle Perry (Treasurer), Alex Donn (Secretary), Anat Grosfeld (Vice President).


Parents: Lashanda Dandrich, Yongsoo Park, Kelly Dell'Aquila, Rachel Hees, Meredith Lampert, Remeise Chandler, Batia Eyeb-Serrette, Samantha Velastegui, Jen McKenna, Maia Nuku, Doug Geers, Mort Lebigre, Elizabeth Simmons, Anand Raghuath, Rosalie Sanchez, Nicole Smith.


Administration: Naomi Smith (Principal).


Naomi introduces herself, greets everyone.

  • Naomi mentioned that she would like the PA to purchase risers
  • The PA had allocated $1,000 for music, and Naomi would like this money to be spent on risers in the middle school.
  • Naomi shared some background on the budget generally: the school looks to the PA for supportive funding towards the end of the year, after the D.O.E. money has been used.
  • She discussed class groupings for next year in general terms, saying that students usually stay together for 2 years in a row, but occasionally there are changes. For instance, this year’s 4th grade, the population was uneven between the two classes and there was an increase in IEPs, so there will be some movement in the rising 5th grade classes,  there will be 2 ICT (integrated co-teaching) classes in 5th grade.
  • From a staffing perspective,  “we’re just adding to the team, not taking”


Regarding the PA budget for next year, Naomi said that she would like to see the proposed budget before it is voted on, so that she can provide her input at the beginning of the process and we aren’t in a position where we need/want to adjust an already-approved budget based on information we get from her,  she also suggested having our spending categories be relatively general i.e.  music, art, etc.


Michelle gave a Treasurer’s Report.

  • We talked about the possibility of funding a “floating paraprofessional”  but we would need to increase our fundraising to do this.
  • The Spring Fair: we grossed $2,000 and netted $1,000.
  • We should begin the final phase of our fundraising campaign.


A parent expressed concern about alienating some parents with less money if our fundraising asks are too high.

A long conversation ensued regarding parent engagement and how we can better engage with parents who are not coming to PA meetings, going to school events, and participating in the life of the school.


The conversation turned to projects the PA could focus on for next year:

  • It was suggested that we could re-floor the ground of the small yard.
  • Middle school art: a parent noted that there is no art or music at the middle school.
  • Teachers need supplies at the middle school.
  •  Long discussion of projects the PA could fund: debate club, theatre, chess club.


Nominating committee — looking good. We have multiple people interested in a few

positions and can amend the bylaws to do “co” positions.  Rachel H. is a possible Treasurer.


Next  PA meeting  will be at the Middle School.

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