PA Minutes – September 2017

CPE 2 Parents’ Association meeting

September 15, 2017

Meeting Minutes




  • Our evening PA Meetings will take place at the CPEII middle school
  • Meet your class/curriculum night on September 18-19th.  
  • Batia reported on the CPE 2 Fall fair, October 21st  from noon to 5pm.  The event is largely planned.  Now we need volunteers to staff booths and help with PR. Last year fair raised $13k net. We hope to improve on that this year.
    • We will have a rock wall, bouncy house, obstacle course.  
    • Wrist band will be $25.  This will allow kids to participate in many games and crafts.
    • We will decorate the garden and kids can pick up pumpkins there.  
    • Hot 97 will be there with truck and prizes and will help promote event.  
    • Carnival games will happen.  We need prizes for them.  
    • We need gifts for raffles.
    • We need access to color printer to print some posters for event                      
    • We need volunteers to bring food, help set up, and help clean up.
    • Vendors are welcome.  If you know any, please let Batia Eyob-Serrette know ( Vendors will give school a portion of their sales.
    • Rummage – please  Bring clothes, toys, books to school the day before the fair.
  • Alex Donn reported on the PA bylaws. They are available for everyone to read. He passed out some hard copies.
  • Mariama reported on the health and wellness committee.  
    • There are grants that require healthy snacks.  We would like to apply for them, but we need to have healthy food policy. She described healthy snack policy, in particular for birthday parties.
    • Let’s have a conversation about snacks. We need to improve language in our parents’ handbook.  
    • Please communicate with your teacher about your wish for healthy snacks.
  • Other PA funding sources:
  1. Requests for donations, sales of items.  
  2. NOTE that Amazon Smile does not work for CPE2.  Instead Amazon has given us a link that gives us six percent of sales!  Please use this link: It is also on the CPE 2 website (top right corner on home page).  You can bookmark it!
  3. Fairway club cards will give us 2 percent of sales. Elaine is running our Fairway relationship. It is possible to scan a card to an app?  We will investigate.
  4. A parent suggested that we survey how many parents are members of stores like Costco, etc., to help us request support from them.
  • An explanation of the IEP process will happen at a district meeting on September 27. Interested parents/guardians are encouraged to attend.
  • We have a listserv (an email distribution list that parents can sign up for) for news and opportunities.  We will ensure all parents receive an email about it and offer them a means to sign up.
  • We have no place to store scooters currently, or strollers. We will work on a solution to this.
  • There was a request that we have Spanish translation at future PA meetings. We also should translate the PA bylaws and PA meeting minutes.
  • Meeting adjourned, 9:40am.


CPEII Parents’ Association meeting

September 27, 2017

Meeting Notes


  • Several positions on the PA Executive Board are currently open, including a co-President, Vice President and VP of Communications. If parents are interested in running, please email PA Executive Board co-secretaries Doug Geers or Rosalie Sanchez

Interested parents/guardians can also talk to Alissa or any member of the PA Executive Board directly.

  • Evening PA meetings will happen at the middle school to encourage more middle school parents to attend.
  • Nina Zmanovskaya provided a Fall Fair update. A parent artist volunteered to help with designing banners/flyers for the fair.
  • Nina spoke about the mission of the CPEII Health & Wellness Committee. The Committee’s annual flagship event is Spring Fair. It also organizes other events for parents to support emotional well-being in the CPEII community.
  • On Thursday, October 26, there will be a middle school movie night based on “The Mask You Live In” – a documentary about society’s stereotypes about masculinity and how they are affecting young boys. There will be a parent discussion afterwards. The Committee is hoping for more middle school involvement, e.g. is thinking of organizing a workshop on coping with changes that early adolescence brings. Also, the Committee is working on organizing CPEII first Silent Auction in order to fundraise to support its work. Health & Wellness Committee is working with the Garden Committee very closely. The Committee has a regular monthly meeting at 8:30AM every 2nd Wednesday of the month at Mount Sinai cafeteria @ 1470 Madison Ave between 101st & 102nd St. Two elementary and one middle school parent would like to get involved with the H&W Committee.
  • A preK parent brought up an issue her child has been having at breakfast in the cafeteria. The child needs help picking her breakfast items but parents are not allowed to stand in the line. Alissa suggested talking to 5th-graders who get breakfast at CPEII to volunteer to help the little kids. Jen McKenna volunteered to get in touch with with the preK parent.
  • A new middle school parent asked who was class parent in his daughter’s 6th grade class. Nina to follow up.
  • A parent asked how to enroll in Opus 118 music education programs (violin, piano).


Opus 118 offers the After-School Program to students who wish to develop their musical talent. Registering for individual or partner lessons (violin, viola, cello, guitar, or piano)


Meeting adjourned, 7:05pm.


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