CPE II Notes, October 22, 2017

Important Dates – An * indicates there is more information in this newsletter

  • Wednesday, October 25th – 5th grade trip to see Broadway Show “Anastasia”
  • Thursday 10/26 & Friday 10/27 – Tennis Begins for 3rd Graders
  • Thursday, 10/26, 5:30pm – Viewing of The Mask You Live In *
  • Friday, October 27th – Deadline for this round of boxtops*
  • Friday, October 27th from 5:30 to 7 Annual Halloween gathering * RSVP here.
  • FRIDAY, November 10th HOPES and Dreams Working Groups
  • Sunday, December 3rd Barnes and Noble Family Event and Fundraiser

Fall Fair – A Great Success

Thanks to Batia and the entire team that created a wonderful day for our community. Thanks to all our families and staff who came out for this great event. Photos below.

The Mask You Live In viewing PLEASE RSVP

Thursday, Oct. 26th, 5:30pm

Central ParK East II Middle School 1615 Madison Avenue at 108th

“It is time to connect the dots between mass shootings and our cultural reality: Men commit 98% of mass murders in America. Women have equal access to guns (and let’s be honest, plenty of reasons to be angry). Nevertheless, women don’t commit such acts of mass violence. We have to stop conditioning boys and men to think solving their problems through violence is normal. We can no longer tell boys at the earliest of ages to repress their emotions and deny parts of themselves.” – Jennifer Siebel Newsom, via The Representation Project

Watch the trailer:

One more week to send in Box Tops!

Thank you to all of those who have sent in Box Tops. We have one more week to go prior to the official submission.  Remember, send them in by Friday, October 27th! Thanks so much for all you do to make the Box Tops program successful for CPE II! Missy Lloyd (mkplloyd@gmail.com)

Halloween at CPE II

Most students are excited about Halloween. But many children find this a scary time. We will not be having costumes at CPE II on Halloween. Some classes may have harvest activities on this day. Teachers will let you know. HOWEVER, we do have our annual Halloween Gathering. RSVP here.

Gifted and Talented Schools

Families in grades Pre K through 2nd who are interested in moving their child to a Gifted and Talented program can have their child tested for this. Here is the link for information http://schools.nyc.gov/ChoicesEnrollment/GiftedandTalented/default.htm. If you want a booklet, email Yhane@cpe2.org. The deadline is Monday, November 13th.

FRIDAY, November 10th HOPES and Dreams Working Groups – Calling all parents

Last May CPE II SLT will hosted our annual Hopes and Dreams session. Parents and staff came together to continue work on our 4 Working Groups. Our work continues.-Sustainable CPE II

-Creating Compassionate Communities

-Parent Communication & Engagement

-School advocacy

For some background you can go to:

Our SLT is preparing our next session for Friday, November 10th. We will offer dinner and childcare. Look for the signup

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