PA Meeting – May 2, 2018

Alissa Peck, PA President, opened the meeting at 6:13pm.
  1. Treasurer’s report:
    1. Contribution drive goal for 2017-2018 school year is $20,000. We are at $6,181 which is about 30% of our goal. 
    2. About 50% of meeting attendees had heard about the contribution drive.
    3. We will be sending out further communications about the Contribution Drive – particularly given half the parents attending this meeting did not know about the fund drive this year. Alissa noted we solicited less this year due to the move discussions. Now that we have more clarity about next year and some of our needs next year, we will be reminding the community about the Contribution Drive. Even though it technically ends at the close of school year, we will gladly accept donations during the summer:
    4. Overall PA budget 2017-2018: we anticipated that we would dip $20,000 into reserves this year; but actually will dip $12,000.
    5. Discussion about the reserves: Alissa mentioned that while we are on budget by dipping into reserves as that had been our planning – this is largely due to a decrease in programming expenses (such as garden) and a decrease in revenue (we are $14k below goal for our fund drive).
    6. Discussion about other (“passive”) sources of income: Fairway cards and Amazon. Fairway has brought in $1,120 so far this year. Two people did not know about the Fairway cards. Elaine Cunningham-Gross took their names and agreed to get them cards. Parents who shop at Fairway just need to ask the cashier to scan their card and CPE II gets 3% of sales. 
    7. Amazon also continues to be a strong source of passive income. We budgeted $2,000 in income and have received $2,200 so far. Several parents did not know how to use the affiliate link so that the school receives the funds. Alissa explained: Overview: go to website and click the affiliate link anytime before you buy the items in your cart (up to 24 hours before you submit your cart). CPE II will get approx. 6% of the proceeds of your order. 
      1. Go to our website:
      2. Click on the link at the top right or bookmark this link:
      3. Shop on Amazon for the next 24 hours. You need to click the link each time you shop. Once you click the link and shop within 24 hours, CPE II will earn a % of the purchase.


    1. I Heart Community (Silent Auction) brought in almost $5,000 net.
    2. We would like to spend more on professional development & training for teachers.
    3. PA would like to support a gymnastics program (announced as one of the fundraising goals for Spring Fair).
    4. Ice skating & tennis is free for everyone.
    5. Discussion on how to solicit parents’ suggestions on additional enrichment programs, like new arts & sports initiatives.
    6. Next year’s budget: we have one month (approximately) to complete this exercise. We invite the community to participate in the formulation of this budget. Voting on the budget for next year will take place in a special meeting before the end of school.
  1. Parents’ Association Executive Board elections.
    1. Elections will be held the evening of May 31st at the Spring concert at the middle school.
    2. We are looking for parents/guardians to fill open positions.
    3. Discussion that all parents are welcome to run, both from elementary and middle school.
    4. Open positions are: President, Treasurer, Secretary, VP of Parent Services, VP of Middle School, VP of Communications. The positions we must fill to have a functioning PA are: President, Secretary and Treasurer. All positions can be run as a “co” to help share the work.
    5. Interested parents/guardians are encouraged to email Liz Simmons ( & LaShanda Dandrich ( on the Nominating Committee.
  1. Spring Fair and Health & Wellness update.
    1. The revenue was at $1,560. Net profit (after vendor payments etc.) – to be determined.
    2. The next monthly Health & Wellness meeting will take place on Wednesday, May 16th, at 8:30am at Mount Sinai cafeteria. The meeting had to be moved due to 2nd grade publishing parties.
  1. CPE II move.
    1. Questions to Naomi from meeting attendees included: Bus schedule; School start time; Afterschool; Volunteer needs to prepare the new building.
    2. Several hundred families responded in the survey that they are staying at CPEII; only 5 responded “No”; 20 responded that they were not sure.
    3. Kindergarten admission accommodated both siblings and PS50 students.
    4. We are not planning to expand to more than 2 classes on a grade. This coming year we will have a 2nd 8th grade, and add a PreK-3 class for 3 year olds.
    5. Next year’s 3K and PreK will have one class.
    6. Naomi believes two classes per grade is the right size. The building is big enough for this size.
    7. We’ve never had an issue with filling our classes.
    8. PS50 families will be accommodated to the extent that we have room.
    9. Naomi working with the Superintendent to make sure class size is not larger than the target. Target – 28 kids in grades 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
    10. Autism charter school has 43 students and its’ own facilities, using school-wide facilities on a very limited basis.
    11. Dream charter school has two classrooms and an office.
    12. Children’s Aid Society has five classrooms and an office.
    13. The new building includes a library, gym, cafeteria and dance studio.
    14. There’s a large space on the top floor. A team has been preparing it for use next year.
    15. Several parent volunteers have already helped clean up some rooms in the new building, e.g. the science room.
    16. Bus schedule:
      1. Adding bus stops: We are in discussion with Office of Pupil Transportation to add stops in East Harlem, West Harlem and Washington Heights.
      2. A parent asked when we will know about additional buses for sure. Naomi is collecting families’ data to address our transportation needs.
      3. We will definitely keep the existing stops.
      4. Adding new stops is easy in East Harlem, but harder in other areas.
    17. Afterschool:
      1. Free on-site after school program run by Children’s Aid Society.
      2. CPE II school community will define what the after school program will look like: there is no pre-determined format.
      3. Existing programs run by Children’s Aid Society include Cooking and Gardening in the hydroponic garden.
      4. We can do a survey asking parents what programs they want as part of the after school.
    18. Start time:
      1. Starting later may mean heavier traffic and parents having to leave home even earlier.
      2. Earlier arrival: may consider paid childcare for earlier arrival.
    19. Parents are encouraged to volunteer and help prepare the new school for the move.
    20. The DOE pays to move everything including boxes and furniture.
    21. Naomi discussed the need to cover some required expenses associated with the move. These include clear plastic bins so teachers are able to identify and separate the must-open boxes to start their classrooms. The PA is providing financial support in several ways, including purchasing these plastic bins, as well as covering the cost of securing special boxes for moving the library (The 400 boxes are to be donated by Follett; we only need to pay the shipping $159.50).
    22. Everything will be moved in mid-August. Naomi will be soliciting parent volunteers to assist with packing in May and June, working in the new building on Saturdays in May and June, the first week of July and the last two weeks of August.
    23. A parent asked about security. Every school has security, including the new school.
The meeting adjourned at 7:15pm

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