PA Minutes – April 13, 2018

  1. We need to prepare for PA executive board elections.  We need to find parents willing to run.  Positions needed to fill include President, possible co-President, Treasurer, Secretary, VP of Parent Services, VP of Communications, VP of Middle School.  Descriptions of the positions are posted on the school’s website:
  2. The School Leadership Team (SLT) needs three new parents to participate. Batia and Liz’s terms are ending. Carlotta will vacate her position as her son is leaving. Parents members need to meet once a month with the group (usually at 4pm on a Friday). SLT includes equal number of members of admin/teachers/staff and parents.
  3. We are seeking someone to chair the Fall Fair for fall 2018.  No work needs to happen now, but it would be best for someone to step forward now, to help with planning.
  4. We should approve a PA budget for 2018-19 before the end of this school year.
  5. Treasurer’s report:
    1. The school fund drive is now at 28 percent of our goal.  Families are encouraged to donate at this link: The PA will consult with the school administration and teachers to help identify what we might fund for improvements and innovations at the new school location. Art? Sports? Science? Theater? Programs?
    2. This year our T-shirts purchase went over budget. We will investigate what happened.
  6. Where will our fall back to school picnic happen? Central Park? Randall’s Island?  We should decide this.
  7. The Spring Fair will be on Saturday, April 28.  Volunteers are needed for fun run, recycling, arts and crafts, food, rummage, etc. The Health and Wellness committee members will confer to determine pricing and how to securely handle payments.
  8. Technology Committee: The PA feels that we would benefit from a technology committee to handle our website as well as other ideas regarding technology at the school going forward.  We request parent volunteers.
    1. Our idea is that this might be similar to the Health and Wellness committee.
    2. The website needs include (1) someone to write content, (2) someone to collect photos, etc., (3) one or more people to post materials to the site.
  9. Meeting adjourned at 9:05am.

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