PA Minutes – March 23, 2018

-Annual Fund Drive: A reminder needs to be sent that we are continuing to accept contributions
through our DAG site.

-Amazon and Fairway contributions have been coming in steadily. Keep shopping as a percentage of
your purchases are given to our school. We need to inquire how to set-up a similar arrangement with

-It would be helpful in our fundraising efforts to identify tangible projects such as murals or garden
improvement that we need to raise money for in order to make the new school feel like CPE2. Parents
could offer their ideas via the Suggestion Box.

-Gift for Rob after his surgery: It was discussed that it would be a nice gesture to raise funds to purchase
a gift card from Fresh Direct, Pea Pod , or a meal delivery service while Rob recuperates in April. Ask
Yhane if she could assist in sending a school-wide email to parents.


Theresa and Yhane are in charge of packing/moving. Teachers are in the process of identifying
items that they want to keep and those that they will discard. Items that are worth recycling will be
made available as giveaways at the Spring fair. Volunteers will be needed.

Recruitment for the 2018-19 PA Executive Board

Nominating Committee is looking for members to identify interested candidates for various positions. Please contact LaShanda Dandrich.


Remind parents that there are two different surveys.

  • First is the time-sensitive green survey from the DOE that need to be filled out. We need to increase the percentage of returns.
  • Second is from Naomi asking parents for input/feedback on topics related to our upcoming move.

Spring Fair 2018:

Health & Wellness Committee is organizing/hosting a Spring Fair on Saturday, April
28th from 12-4pm. Activities include:

  • a fun run
  • African dance
  • yoga
  • Bike NY learn how to ride a bike
  • archery
  • rummage.

Volunteers are needed especially for the food table, assist with
running the activities, and set-up/clean-up. To volunteer, please email

Talent Show:

It is slated for this coming Saturday, 3/24 from 12-4. Volunteers needed to help with setup/clean-up
and to donate baked goods/fruits/water to sell.

Visit  our new school site

Naomi is working on finding a date when parents/caregivers can see our new

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 am.

Main Office: 212-860-5992 -- Address: 433 East 100th Street, New York, NY 10029

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