Here is a list of Bus Stops available to CPE II families. If one of them works for you, please send me an email (Nsmith3@schools.nyc.gov) and I will register them at that stop. If you have been using a bus stop, and it is not listed here, let me know the location. If you live in East Harlem and there is no stop near you, I can probably add a stop easily. Outside of East Harlem is a bit more difficult, but we’ll try. Please note if you are within 5 blocks of a stop, that is your stop. We can’t make one closer.

Here they are:
Broadway and LaSalle
Broadway and 135
Broadway and 139
Broadway and 145
Broadway and 151
St. Nicholas and 155
Broadway and 157
Broadway and 164
St. Nicholas and 169
Broadway and 178

Pleasant & 116
Lexington and 112
Lexington and 122
97th and 1st Ave
119 and 2nd Ave
Madison and 115
Fifth Ave & 132
Lenox & 135
Lenow & 122

Adam Clayton Powell and 148
St. Nicholas and 141
Fred Douglas and 135
Fred Douglas and 115

Amsterdam and 94th
Amsterdam and 128

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