CPE II Fall Fair – October 15th, 12pm – 5pm


Dear CPE II Friends & Families,


As the Treasurer of the CPE II Parents’ Association, I am writing to urge you to make a financial contribution as we kickoff our 2016-17 Annual Pledge Drive.


The CPE II PA funds and does important work to enhance your child’s school experience, such as


  • We created and maintain a vegetable garden in the big yard;
  • We fund enrichment programs like arts programs, class projects, class trips…and much, much more!


Not every contribution is a financial one, and CPE II parents support our greatprogressive school in many different ways.


But this is a fundraising annual appeal – and we are writing to encourage every family at CPE II to make a financial contribution of some kind.


For many families December may be a good time to make contributions for tax reasons. For others, this may be a more financially challenging time of year (and we know some families recently paid for camping trips).


A donation of any amount would be meaningful and appreciated.  We hope that families able to do so will contribute $200 (just 55 cents per day per year!).


Donating your tax-deductible gift is simple and easy:

1.    Complete the form enclosed and return it in the enclosed envelope and via your child’s purple folder (include credit card information or a check made out to “Central Park East II Parents Association”), or

2.    Alternatively, donate at: http://cpeiicontributiondrive.mydagsite.com/


When you make your gift – please post to social media and share with friends & family to expand our reach to other CPE II supporters


Thank you for your support!

Michelle Perry
Treasurer, CPEII Parent’s Association

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