CPE II Works very hard to see that our children’s education doesn’t stop just with the 3 Rs.  We have a comprehensive set of in and out of class enrichments to ensure that our children have bread, yes, but roses too.

Music: All CPE 2 students receive music instruction twice a week. The overall goal of the music program to create opportunities that will foster musical thinking and creative expression. The ability to think musically is developed through direct interaction with music through performing, creating, and analytical listening. Students participate in learning experiences that urge the mind to explore musical ideas and concepts both critically and creatively. The curriculum for the music program is developed from a set of goals designed to meet the standards of a music education program. These goals are geared to help students learn and develop musical skills that will lead them to be proficient in music. The goals are divided into the following categories:

  • Musicianship
  • Creating
  • Analysis and Appreciation
  • Performance

Art: The art program at CPE II emphasizes the importance of art as a way of enlisting the imagination of children so that they can learn about the world, interpreting and judging experiences from their own perspective. Children create individual works of art through a variety of media such as painting, collage, sculpture and printmaking. Individual work allows students to feel empowered by their own unique creations, and group projects provide the experience of collaborative work. All students at CPE II have art class in the art studio. The art teacher collaborates with the classroom teachers and music teacher on special projects, or to add the art component to a classroom theme. Exhibition of children’s art is emphasized throughout the year and displayed in the hallways and classrooms.

Violin: About 60 CPE II students study the violin during the school day through Opus 118. The history of Opus 118 is described in the movie Music of the Heart and the documentary Small Wonders. There are two ways for students to participate in the violin program. 1) Every interested first grade parent is given the opportunity to submit their child’s names into a lottery. 2) Students in kindergarten have the option of participating in a prep class. There is a fee for this program. Most children will be able to graduate from the prep classes into the violin program. For more information about Opus 118, check out their web site at http://www.opus118.org/ or call 212-831-4455.

Dance: Through ArtsConnection, dancers from the Rod Rodgers Dance Company provide a dance program for students from Pre-K through fifth grade. A basic introductory program is offered to all students. Selected students in the upper grades audition for a core class that meets weekly after school. They are taught basic warm up exercises, dance steps and then work on a choreographed dance that is presented at a concert at the end of the year.

Library/Technology: All students have regular access to the Library/Media center in their program and through open access periods. The Library/ Media Center is an integral part of our school program, supporting and enriching the work done in the classroom. The goal of the Library/ Media Center is to enable students to become smart, discerning consumers and producers of all media.

Worktime: All classes, Pre-K through 5th grade have some form of Work Time. In the early grades, this is a time during which students choose an area in which to play, such as Pretend, Blocks, Sewing, Writing, etc. As children progress through the school, work time becomes more structured. At times, worktime becomes a time in which to work on content-related projects, such as making a paper machê penguin related to a unit on Antarctica. Worktime is also a time when students learn about and care for classroom pets.

Special Education Services: CPE II is an inclusive school and has many students receiving special education services. Students are serviced in a variety of ways, based on the requirements of their IEPs. In addition to our general education classes, we offer three CTT classes. The CTT model allows all children in a class to get the support and attention they need by funding two teachers for a class with one class worth of children. In addition to CTT classes, we currently offer SETSS, OT counseling and Speech and Language services.


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