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H & W Workshop: Eating and Body Image by Liz Cohen 

We receive so many messages from the media, peers and family members about food and our bodies that it can often be hard to figure out what is the healthiest approach to take.  Learning how to regulate our food intake and feel confident in our bodies is an essential skill for children to learn. Come… Continue Reading

Handout from Emotional Resilience Talk

Strategies for Supporting Emotional Resiliency in Children Central Park East 2, March 18, 2015 ● 4 S’s of Attachment (Dan Siegel, M.D.)   Children Need to Be: • Seen: perceiving them deeply and empathically, “getting” them.  • Safe: avoiding actions and responses that frighten or hurt them.  • Soothed: helping them deal with difficult emotions and situations.  • Secure: helping them develop an internalized sense of well­ being. Children need to “feel felt”: “. . . requires that we attune to each other’s primary  emotions. When the primary emotions of two minds are connected, a state of alignment is  created in which the two individuals experience a sense of joining.” ● Create a Narrative ○ We use stories to make sense of our lives ○ Stories help us understand things that have happened to us, and to create  meaning from the experiences ○ We can help our children by giving a context to their experience. ○ “You were playing with you lego castle and when one of the army people  attacked, the back of the castle came tumbling down.” ● Contingency Communication – Attunes to child’s emotional experience – Resonates with their experience ○ Example of child who brings home what you perceive as “junk” from school and  describes it with a lot of enthusiasm. ○ BE CAREFUL: Even positivity  is not always attuned . It often reflects your own  pride/excitement, and misses a child’s experience. In the example given, by  telling the child they were a superstar the parents missed that the child was  scared, but mustered courage and took a risk to stick with the math homework. ● Reflecting Emotions(theirs, not yours) – Builds on emotional attunement ○ Communicates: “I see you and I’m listening to you and I’ll give back to you a  reflection of yourself that is valued so you can see and value yourself too. I like  you just the way you are.” (Dan Siegel) ○ Describe emotions vs. solve problems ○ Example: “You feel really angry that it is not warm enough today to wear shorts.  You feel mad that you have been waiting so long for Spring to come and it is still  not warm enough for you to wear your shorts.” ○ Example: You are scared to go on stage right now. You are feeling afraid of  performing and that makes you want to run away. Want a hug?” ● Seeing your child’s behaviors as only the tip of the iceberg ○… Continue Reading

Health & Wellness Events Calendar

CPEII Staying Healthy Workshops 2014-2015 Staying Healthy Workshop Series This years’ workshops are listed below, they will be offered on a Tuesday morning at 8:30 or Wednesday afternoon at 5:30 and will last approximately 30 minutes.. Please sign up for as many of these workshops as you like. We will provide childcare for the afternoon… Continue Reading

Parent Cooking Demonstration on November 21, 2013 – Broccoli Frittata

Broccoli Frittata This is an extremely versatile and forgiving recipe. If you don’t have broccoli on hand, you can substitute almost any other vegetable—zucchini, spinach, cooked leftover potatoes—and any kind of cheese, or no cheese at all. It keeps and travels well, making it a good choice for school lunch or a picnic, and can… Continue Reading

Parent Cooking Demonstration on October 24, 2013 – Roasted Parsnips

Roasted Parsnips 1 ½ pounds parsnips ¼ cup olive oil Chopped, fresh parsley, chives and/or thyme Preheat over to 400 degrees. Peel and trim parsnips, and cut into finger-sized lengths. Place in large baking dish and distribute oil over all, tossing to coat.  Cover pan with foil, and place in hot oven. Bake for twenty… Continue Reading

Notes from the 10/22/2012 Staying Healthy Workshop

Health and Wellness: Staying Healthy Workshop held Tuesday, October 22, 2013     STAYING HEALTHY: HOW TO BOOST THE IMMUNE SYSTEM We had an informative discussion on how stay healthy this winter… which included discussion on how to fight colds and flu. Here are some of the highlights from the workshop:  Prevention 1. Plenty of… Continue Reading

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