What to do if you’ve got lice? Need to check for lice? Want to avoid getting lice? Review the information posted here.

CPE II works hard to keep the school lice free but we need parents’ help!

How can you help?

  • Pay attention if your child starts frequently scratching his head.
  • Review the posted information to learn what to look for.
  • Remind your child not to wear other children’s hats or stack his coat on others’ coats.
  • If your child has lice, pay special attention to checking his siblings as well.
  • If s/he has lice, do not send him back to school until treatment is complete and your child is lice-free. When s/he returns to school, s/he must see the nurse first thing before going to their classroom.

Children found with lice can sometimes be distressed or scared by having lice and may need reassurance that:

  1. it isn’t their fault
  2. it can happen to anyone
  3. it can be taken care of relatively quickly although the removal procedure can be discomforting

Local lice removal services used by our families include:

  • House of Beauty/Lice Professionals (our school service): (718)566-8582/ (347)241-5762
  • Lice Enders: (212)759-5200 or
  • Hair Fairies: (212)719-5222 or
  • Lice Out: 888-542-3688 or

Main Office: 212-860-5992 -- Address: 433 East 100th Street, New York, NY 10029

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