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The CPE II Listserve – This is an online email-based Bulletin Board that allows members of the CPE II Community to communicate. This is is a way of sending and replying to emails from the entire group without managing a huge CC: list in each email.

Subscribers can set delivery of every email posted, or a digest of multiple posts.

The email group is an optional, non-official email group for the extended CPE 2 Community.  This is a great forum for parents to discuss whatever is on their mind, and can be a useful resource.  Questions like, “Who has a good babysitter?”, Does anyone want my child’s sweaters, stroller, etc? “There is a great opportunity/ activity this weekend!” are great and very appropriate posts in this forum. Commercial posts are not appropriate.

The email address for the group is: cpe2parents@googlegroups.com

If you send an email to this address (and you are a member of the group), every member of the group will get a copy of this email. Replying to an email from this address will reply to all members of the group.

Please keep this in mind when sending replying to emails, if your message is intended or more appropriate for a single member of the group send the email to that individual rather than the group. That way people’s inboxes don’t fill up with emails that just say, “Thanks!” or “See you there.” etc.

The web address for the list-serve is: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/cpe2parents

If you want to search all of the emails and postings for the email group the will always be available for reference. The best way to search (especially in the future when we have a lot of emails built-up) is to search through the web interface of the email group.

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