PA Minutes January 17, 2018

Central Park East II Parents’ Association Meeting
Wednesday, January 17, 2018, 6pm


Note: Naomi, Theresa, and representatives from the DOE including the District 4 Superintendent, Alex Estrella, attended this PA meeting to help explain the potential move of CPE II and new co-location in the Vito Marcantonio Educational Complex at 101st Street and 1st Avenue.
1. Naomi and the DOE representatives explained benefits of proposed move:
• The Vito Marcantonio Educational Complex has just the right amount of space to house all of CPE2, from pre-K through 8th grade at its current size. This means keeping CPE II at the 2 class on a grade model.
• The top floor of the building was once performing arts middle school for district four. It has a large space to hold art, music, and dance/movement classes
•  The building has 2 more classrooms than we currently have, plus many half and quarter sized rooms that could be used to house services that currently work out of closets, hallways and shared spaces such as OT, PT, Speech and guidance 
• More flexibility/time to use cafeteria as it hardly used by the other schools in that building (whereas now our elementary students need to all finish lunch by 11:45am)
• Auditorium and Dance rooms are used on occasion by Dream pre-K and NYC Autism Charter School .
• Spacious library.  It is newly renovated, with a big tree in middle.  
• More flexibility/time to use the gym as it is rarely used by the other schools in the building
• Two-level hydrophonic green house
• Many more bathrooms (Pre K & K have bathrooms inside classrooms)
• Several alcoves have sinks and could be our kitchen.  The autism school has a kitchen and might share use of it.
• Teachers lounge has a full kitchen
• Meeting room for CPE2 parents
• Children’s Aid Society offers after-school programing
• There is a full-time nurse on site at the building.  We hope that Children’s Aid Society or Mt. Sinai might open a full clinic there, but there is a population requirement.  The space is there.
•  Children’s Aid Society has a Parent Resource Program which offers resume writing, job preparation, job search services for parents
• CPE2 principal will have more autonomy in decision making (over food services, custodial services, etc.)
• We have opportunity to get a full-time librarian.  Might be possible to get children’s aid or us to keep library open for additional hours.
• Art room is large and has smaller rooms around main space.  One could be dark room.
• Children’s aid society may offer services and after school programs to CPE2.  They will continue to be in building to serve the school, plus their services to birth to two-year-olds in neighborhood.



2. CPE II and DOE administrators answered questions posed by parents/caregivers/staff:
Q: Is there any plan to expand the size of CPE 2? 
A: There is not a plan to increase enrollment numbers of CPE2. Parents of PS 50 would be able to apply for any open seats in CPE 2, but there are other zoned schools within blocks of the building which could accommodate students from PS 50 as well. The new building is the right size for two classes per grade.  No plan to expand size of CPE2, class sizes would not change.    


QWhat will happen to current programs?  
A: Current programs will continue if the school community feels that they should continue (i.e. Asphalt Green sports, Randalls Island environmental projects, ice skating, etc.Children’s aid society is in the building. They may offer additional programs.  Wprobably could do more partnerships with Randall’s island.  They have an obligation to work with district 4 schools.  We can leverage that.


Q: How is the air quality at the new location?  
A: Someone raised concern around the air quality and pollution in this area.  Need to explore further. Nina lives nearby.  She says that no one in her family has gotten sick. No one has any allergies.


Q: Will current school buses be able to accommodate the potential increase in ridership? 
A: School bus routes will be based on who is qualified for busing. Probably won’t be known until summer. K-6 students will get busing or full fare passes. Grade 7 and 8 will get full fare metrocard if they live far enough away.  It is easy to add bus stops in district 4. Not so easy farther away.


Q: Could we explore the possibility of a later school start time to accommodate the longer commute?  
A: School start time is flexible, within guidelines.  As early as 8 am and as late as 9 am start time is possible.  This should be discussed, since many parents need to be at work by 9 am.


Q: What about the cafeteria offerings? Can we offer healthier lunches?
A: We will be able to choose our own school menu.  Veggie menu, alternative menu, etc.


Q: Was this building was affected by hurricane Sandy? 
A: No.  In fact, it was a rescue site/shelter.


Q: Could this building be tested for lead, so that kids don’t need to carry drinking water to school?  
A: All buildings have been upgraded, and water has been tested and remediation taking place before it is turned on.  We will investigate the situation at PS 50.


Q: When will the scaffolding be removed from the building? 
A: Construction on the PS 50 building is likely to continue for about two years.  Construction is happening because facade was peeling in some locations.  Now they have covered the facade to protect people until work is done.  They will repair and replace facades  The small children play yard will not be accessible until construction is finished.  But there is a side yard that we could use in addition to the large play yard.


Q: What about crossing guards? 
A: The number of crossing guards will stay the same. Currently there are three of them.


Q: What can we do to move this proposal forward?
A: Attend one of the upcoming February Joint Public Hearings:  
– Friday, February 9th @ 6:00pm at the middle school (PS 108 building)1615 Madison Avenue.  
– Tuesday, February 13th @ 6:00 pm, at the elementary school building19 East 103rd Street.  
Please let us know if you are going to attend or wish to speak at the event
NOTE: It is only necessary to attend one of these.

PA Minutes – December 8, 2017

 Meeting came to order 8:35 am.

1.     Secretary report – The PA voted on and passed updated bylaws. The method of executive board succession and titles of exec board members were slightly altered.
2.     Fundraising:
a.     Families have until December 10 to shop Barnes and Noble online with a discount. 10 percent.  Code is on CPE 2 website.
b.     Book culture is having 20 percent off sale this weekend.  If you mention CPE 2 at checkout we get a donation.
c.     Mariama reported on the  “I Heart Community” fundraiser. More items to auction are needed, at any price point.  Could be a free service, if you are a hair cutter, massage therapist, etc.  We are also still looking for restaurants to donate food.  It will probably cost $15 to attend the event, which will include food and appetizers (drinks extra).
3.     Please take a look at the bar for scooter lockup outside the school building.  Everyone must bring their own lock.  A bike rack will hopefully to come later.  Please let us know how it is working for you.  Email PA with your comments.  PA suggestion box on the CPE 2 website.
4.     Budget report:
a.     It is proper that the PA spend at least as much as we raise each year.  It is our role to help enrich the school experience.  Spending for these things is valuable.
b.     We have a budget item for water stations, but we need a parent to take on that project.
c.     We made a little less money on the fall fair than anticipated, but we brought in enough from supply fees that our income level is about what was planned.
d.     The Health and Wellness committee has requested an additional $200 for their budget.  This was approved.
e.     We may want to add funds for the auction in budget.  The PA already voted to allocate funds for it at an earlier meeting this fall.
5.     Fund drive: An email was sent on giving Tuesday. $2,100 of our $20,000 goal has been reached so far.  This is an annual drive, and thus is would be ok to give at any point during the year, including in installments.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 am.

PA Meeting Minutes – November 1, 2017

CPE II Parents’ Association meeting November 1, 2017
Meeting Notes
  1. Meeting commenced at 6:10 pm. Alissa Peck, President, greeted parents and introduced the PA Executive board.
  2. Parents’ introductions. Both elementary and middle school parents were present.
  3. Announcements
    1. Alissa Peck stated that the Vice President of Communications role will be filled by Nina Zmanovskaya who is currently Co-VP of Parent Services. Jen McKenna will continue in the role of VP of Parent Services. By-laws will be amended to reflect this change. If anyone would like to see the current by-laws, please consult the website.
    2. Co-President and Vice President positions will remain vacant and the board will proceed this year without them. Any necessary amendments to our by laws will be shared and approved at our next meeting.
  4. Update on 2 PA projects:
    1. The installation of a sensor-activated water cooler is a major line item in the PA budget. However, more time is needed to research its feasibility. Elaine Cunningham will help with this effort. If there are other parents who can help, please reach out to her. A middle school parent will ask CPE High School about their experience in installing one at their school.
    2. The PA is no longer funding a garden educator for RECESS gardening. However, recess gardening will continue with help from parents volunteers. More education based garden programming is being discussed with the Science teacher.
  5. Teacher & Staff Class Gift-giving
    1. Each class with help from class parents is encouraged to express their appreciation the best way they see fit. The DOE has a specific policy around staff gift-giving including a limit on monetary value. It was discussed that the PA is not involved in this project.
    2. End of the year staff appreciation luncheon is organized and paid by the PA.
  6. Fundraising Initiatives:
    1. Elaine Cunningham gave an update on our December fundraising event, the Barnes & Noble Book Fair. More details to follow.
    2. Nina Zmanovskaya gave an update on our February fundraising event, the first CPE evening gathering with a dinner/drinks and auction component. More details to follow. Mariama Duncan is spearheading this effort. She is looking for more parent involvement.
    3. The Annual Fund Drive will take place soon. A letter will be sent out to each family.
  7. Meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm.

PA Meeting Minutes -October 13,2017

CPE II Parents’ Association meeting 

Naomi Smith spoke about CPE II being a Title One school

  • Title One  is largest federal program that gives funds to schools.  As with many federal programs, it has stipulations.  We were certified as Title One fifteen years ago, with 60 percent or more families that qualified for free lunch.
  • Title One provides additional funds to use in our school. We are a School Wide Project (SWP) school, so extra funds can be used for all students.
  • Part of the stipulations of Title I is that parents have a voice in what happens in schools. Our School Leadership Team (SLT) created an annual Hopes & Dreams meeting as a place where parents can come together to express their wishes: the garden and after school program came out of this program.  Our first Hopes & Dreams working group meeting of the year will be on November 10.

PA Treasurer’s report & budget

  • The PA is a 501-C3 charity.  We are separate from the school in terms of budget.
  • Currently about $80k in reserves. Projected income of about $50k this year and projected expenses of about $63k.  Approximately $13k of reserves will be used. This is intentional. See budget report document for budget details.
  • Garden educator: PA is proposing a new weekly number of hours, rate, and work to be done. Since her expertise is in curriculum, we hope that she would work with faculty to develop connections between CPE II curriculum and the garden.
  • A new scooter rack will be installed next Monday, in the yard.  Kids will need to provide locks. We may want to discuss getting another one for bikes. This one will not work well for bikes.
  • PA has requested $3,000 to run a silent auction as a fundraiser. Money will be spent to secure vendors for the event.  PA members voted YES on this spending.

Open PA board positions

  • Executive board: Co-President, Vice President, and VP of Communications positions are open.  Please contact Doug Geers if you are interested

Fall Fair

  • Thanks to David, (Kylie’s dad in the second grade) for designing our Fall Fair flyer!
  • We wish for people to buy wristbands in advance online.  Those who buy online will get extra tickets to buy other things.  Body art, food, photo opportunity, and pumpkins will cost extra & not be covered by wristband.
  • Please send the link to the site for purchasing wristbands to all of your social media accounts.
  • Please bring your rummage beginning on Thursday for the Fall Fair rummage sale.  There will be space in back of the cafeteria to store it.
  • Please use online signup to choose what food you bring.  Please bring food as early as possible on Saturday.  If you cannot make it, contact Batia and she will make arrangements for someone to pick up food from you.

Meeting adjourned, 9:20am.

PA Minutes – September 2017

CPE 2 Parents’ Association meeting

September 15, 2017

Meeting Minutes




  • Our evening PA Meetings will take place at the CPEII middle school
  • Meet your class/curriculum night on September 18-19th.  
  • Batia reported on the CPE 2 Fall fair, October 21st  from noon to 5pm.  The event is largely planned.  Now we need volunteers to staff booths and help with PR. Last year fair raised $13k net. We hope to improve on that this year.
    • We will have a rock wall, bouncy house, obstacle course.  
    • Wrist band will be $25.  This will allow kids to participate in many games and crafts.
    • We will decorate the garden and kids can pick up pumpkins there.  
    • Hot 97 will be there with truck and prizes and will help promote event.  
    • Carnival games will happen.  We need prizes for them.  
    • We need gifts for raffles.
    • We need access to color printer to print some posters for event                      
    • We need volunteers to bring food, help set up, and help clean up.
    • Vendors are welcome.  If you know any, please let Batia Eyob-Serrette know ( Vendors will give school a portion of their sales.
    • Rummage – please  Bring clothes, toys, books to school the day before the fair.
  • Alex Donn reported on the PA bylaws. They are available for everyone to read. He passed out some hard copies.
  • Mariama reported on the health and wellness committee.  
    • There are grants that require healthy snacks.  We would like to apply for them, but we need to have healthy food policy. She described healthy snack policy, in particular for birthday parties.
    • Let’s have a conversation about snacks. We need to improve language in our parents’ handbook.  
    • Please communicate with your teacher about your wish for healthy snacks.
  • Other PA funding sources:
  1. Requests for donations, sales of items.  
  2. NOTE that Amazon Smile does not work for CPE2.  Instead Amazon has given us a link that gives us six percent of sales!  Please use this link: It is also on the CPE 2 website (top right corner on home page).  You can bookmark it!
  3. Fairway club cards will give us 2 percent of sales. Elaine is running our Fairway relationship. It is possible to scan a card to an app?  We will investigate.
  4. A parent suggested that we survey how many parents are members of stores like Costco, etc., to help us request support from them.
  • An explanation of the IEP process will happen at a district meeting on September 27. Interested parents/guardians are encouraged to attend.
  • We have a listserv (an email distribution list that parents can sign up for) for news and opportunities.  We will ensure all parents receive an email about it and offer them a means to sign up.
  • We have no place to store scooters currently, or strollers. We will work on a solution to this.
  • There was a request that we have Spanish translation at future PA meetings. We also should translate the PA bylaws and PA meeting minutes.
  • Meeting adjourned, 9:40am.


CPEII Parents’ Association meeting

September 27, 2017

Meeting Notes


  • Several positions on the PA Executive Board are currently open, including a co-President, Vice President and VP of Communications. If parents are interested in running, please email PA Executive Board co-secretaries Doug Geers or Rosalie Sanchez

Interested parents/guardians can also talk to Alissa or any member of the PA Executive Board directly.

  • Evening PA meetings will happen at the middle school to encourage more middle school parents to attend.
  • Nina Zmanovskaya provided a Fall Fair update. A parent artist volunteered to help with designing banners/flyers for the fair.
  • Nina spoke about the mission of the CPEII Health & Wellness Committee. The Committee’s annual flagship event is Spring Fair. It also organizes other events for parents to support emotional well-being in the CPEII community.
  • On Thursday, October 26, there will be a middle school movie night based on “The Mask You Live In” – a documentary about society’s stereotypes about masculinity and how they are affecting young boys. There will be a parent discussion afterwards. The Committee is hoping for more middle school involvement, e.g. is thinking of organizing a workshop on coping with changes that early adolescence brings. Also, the Committee is working on organizing CPEII first Silent Auction in order to fundraise to support its work. Health & Wellness Committee is working with the Garden Committee very closely. The Committee has a regular monthly meeting at 8:30AM every 2nd Wednesday of the month at Mount Sinai cafeteria @ 1470 Madison Ave between 101st & 102nd St. Two elementary and one middle school parent would like to get involved with the H&W Committee.
  • A preK parent brought up an issue her child has been having at breakfast in the cafeteria. The child needs help picking her breakfast items but parents are not allowed to stand in the line. Alissa suggested talking to 5th-graders who get breakfast at CPEII to volunteer to help the little kids. Jen McKenna volunteered to get in touch with with the preK parent.
  • A new middle school parent asked who was class parent in his daughter’s 6th grade class. Nina to follow up.
  • A parent asked how to enroll in Opus 118 music education programs (violin, piano).


Opus 118 offers the After-School Program to students who wish to develop their musical talent. Registering for individual or partner lessons (violin, viola, cello, guitar, or piano)


Meeting adjourned, 7:05pm.


May PA Meeting Minutes


May 2017 General Membership Meeting Minutes

A general membership meeting of the CPE2 Parents Association was held on Friday, May 5, 2017, at 8:30 a.m. in the CPE2 Elementary School cafeteria. A quorum was present.



PA Exec. Board: Alissa Peck (President), Michelle Perry (Treasurer), Alex Donn (Secretary), Anat Grosfeld (Vice President).


Parents: Lashanda Dandrich, Yongsoo Park, Kelly Dell'Aquila, Rachel Hees, Meredith Lampert, Remeise Chandler, Batia Eyeb-Serrette, Samantha Velastegui, Jen McKenna, Maia Nuku, Doug Geers, Mort Lebigre, Elizabeth Simmons, Anand Raghuath, Rosalie Sanchez, Nicole Smith.


Administration: Naomi Smith (Principal).


Naomi introduces herself, greets everyone.

  • Naomi mentioned that she would like the PA to purchase risers
  • The PA had allocated $1,000 for music, and Naomi would like this money to be spent on risers in the middle school.
  • Naomi shared some background on the budget generally: the school looks to the PA for supportive funding towards the end of the year, after the D.O.E. money has been used.
  • She discussed class groupings for next year in general terms, saying that students usually stay together for 2 years in a row, but occasionally there are changes. For instance, this year’s 4th grade, the population was uneven between the two classes and there was an increase in IEPs, so there will be some movement in the rising 5th grade classes,  there will be 2 ICT (integrated co-teaching) classes in 5th grade.
  • From a staffing perspective,  “we’re just adding to the team, not taking”


Regarding the PA budget for next year, Naomi said that she would like to see the proposed budget before it is voted on, so that she can provide her input at the beginning of the process and we aren’t in a position where we need/want to adjust an already-approved budget based on information we get from her,  she also suggested having our spending categories be relatively general i.e.  music, art, etc.


Michelle gave a Treasurer’s Report.

  • We talked about the possibility of funding a “floating paraprofessional”  but we would need to increase our fundraising to do this.
  • The Spring Fair: we grossed $2,000 and netted $1,000.
  • We should begin the final phase of our fundraising campaign.


A parent expressed concern about alienating some parents with less money if our fundraising asks are too high.

A long conversation ensued regarding parent engagement and how we can better engage with parents who are not coming to PA meetings, going to school events, and participating in the life of the school.


The conversation turned to projects the PA could focus on for next year:

  • It was suggested that we could re-floor the ground of the small yard.
  • Middle school art: a parent noted that there is no art or music at the middle school.
  • Teachers need supplies at the middle school.
  •  Long discussion of projects the PA could fund: debate club, theatre, chess club.


Nominating committee — looking good. We have multiple people interested in a few

positions and can amend the bylaws to do “co” positions.  Rachel H. is a possible Treasurer.


Next  PA meeting  will be at the Middle School.

April 5, 2017 PA Meeting Minutes

A general meeting of the CPE II Parents Association was held in the CPE II Elementary School art room at 6:00 p.m. on April 5, 2017.  A quorum was present.




PA ExecBoard: Alex Donn, Nina Zmanovskaya, Michelle Perry, Anat Grosfeld


Parents: Mary Ausman, Yongsoo Park, Batia Eyob-Serrette, Lilach Musman, Carlotta Ramos, Michael R Taylor, Elizabeth Simmons, Rosalie Sanchez, Rachel Hees, Steven Travis, Marielena Chacon Travis, Meridith Lampert, Doug Geers, Antonio Meo, Oriana Stracuzzi, Nicole Smith, Tim Creber, Ara-Zior Wilson, William Armstrong


Topics discussed:


  • Early Dismissal proposal from Naomi Smith on June 23rd voted on and approved by the PA [as Naomi communicated later, other stakeholders did not approve so it will be a full day].


  • Minutes from prior meeting approved. Question was asked about the lack of notice regarding the formation of the nominating committee. Suggestion for next year – PA Exec Board provide parents with prior notice to the formation of the nomination committee – although this is not required in the by-laws (as confirmed by Alex Donn).


  • Michelle Perry (Treasurer) gave monthly budget update and noted that the PA Exec are working on 2017/2018 budget to increase transparency and usefulness. The PA Exec plan to propose multiple budgets at the next PA meeting to be discussed and potentially approved.


  • SLT update was provided by Lilach Musman and Batia Eyob-Serrette:
    1. Progressive event in June
    2. The foreign language program at the Middle School was discussed
    3. SLT elections to be held after the PA exec board elections, SLT member are subject to two year term limit.


  • Spring Fair was discussed. It’s to be held on April 29th between 12 and 4 pm. A number of activities are planned including:
    1. Bike NYC
    2. Archery
    3. Rummage Sale – we need to send out an email about this
    4. Face painting – was proposed
    5. Asphalt Green – to do obstacle course


  • Gardening update: Anat Grosfeld and Meredith Lampert provided the gardening update. For the remainder of the school year, recess gardening is to be held on Mondays and Fridays with a teacher. Parents are needed to help during recess; Anat stated that she will circulate a sign-up genius.  At the spring fair, gardening related activities are planned and plants will be available for purchase by parents. The green house is still planned and Anat hopes for completion by end of April.
  • Parent Ambassador/Welcoming Committee: So far, 10 – 12 CPE II parents are involved and new parents have been contacted to welcome them to the school. The Welcoming Committee still needs more volunteers to be parent ambassadors – parents were encouraged to sing up at the meeting.
  • Nominating Committee: An email is to be sent out to get nominations from the parents for PA Exec positions. All positions are up for nomination, however two positions are currently not filled for 2017: Treasurer and VP of Communications.


A suggestion was raised on whether we should change the by-laws and increase the term for the PA Exec board to two years instead of one year. Further, another amendment was suggested that we should change the maximum term from two years to five years. This matter is to be discussed in more detail at the May PA meeting.


  • Fundraising: It was suggested that a push for an end-of-year fundraising be commenced in early May. Envelopes should be sent home to get broader participation. Liz Simmons highlighted that certain grants require 100% participation from parents – we need parents to contribute what they are able to – even if it’s only $1 each.


A suggestion was made for postcards or letters to be sent as “thank-you’s” instead of emails to increase the sense of appreciation.


  • A parent gave an update on the lead contamination in the school’s water pipes: two taps tested positive for water, but neither of these were in active sinks.

March 3, 2017 PA Meeting

CPE II General PA Meeting

March 3, 2017, 8:30 AM


A General Membership Meeting of the CPE2 Parents’ Association was held on March 3, 2017, at 8:30 a.m. in the CPE 2 cafeteria.  A quorum was present.




Administration: Principal Naomi Smith


Exec. Board: Alissa Peck, Co-President; Alex Donn, Secretary; Michelle Perry, Treasurer; Elaine Cunningham-Gross, VP-Middle School.


Parents: Ruth Masterson Creber, Remeise Chandler, Cathy Ewald, Yongsoo Park, Ara-Zior Wilson, Monica Ponzini, Allison McDermott, Elizabeth Simmons, Mark J. H. Terry, Anand Raghunath, Adam Rzetelny, Nicole Smith, Rosalie Sanchez, Jeremy Fader, Doug Geers, Rachel Hees.


Alex Donn opened the meeting because Alissa was running a few minutes late.

Principal Naomi Smith stopped by to say hello and asked the parents if we had any questions for her.  (There were few questions and then Naomi left.)


Nominating Committee  

  • Alex explained that under our bylaws, we need a Nominating Committee to solicit candidates and manage the process of electing parents to next year’s PA Exec Board
  • Our bylaws say we have to create this Committee at the March PA meeting, which is today’s meeting.
  • We can have as few as 3 people on the Committee, but 2 of them must not be current Exec Board members, and no Nominating Committee member can run for a position in this election.
  • We want people to volunteer, but not if they would otherwise have volunteered to be on the PA Exec Board
  • Allison McDermott, who was on the Nominating Committee last year, explained what it entails.
  • (Alissa arrives and takes over running meeting.)
  • ***Nominating Committee formed: Anand, Ruth, and Anat

Treasurer’s Report

  • Michelle Perry, Treasurer, gave the Treasurer’s Report.
  • Many teachers have not sought reimbursement for the money they can spend for classroom supplies.
  • Some have spent some of their allotted money, others have not spent any of it.
  • We need to make sure that the teachers know that this money is available for them – reminder email to teachers regarding how much they have left.
  • Reference to Michelle’s addition of an “expense” line related to the kitchen classroom, correcting previous version that had included only a line for money received for kitchen.


Parent Involvement


  • There was an extended conversation about a perceived lack of parent engagement at the school.
  • Parents who have been at the school for a while noted that there has been a real decline in parent participation at all kinds of events: class events, curriculum night, etc.
  • Possible causes for this decline were discussed, including the idea that families are choosing CPE2 because it is a “good” school, but with a limited understanding of its history of active parent involvement.
  • Other factors were discussed: parents noted that the families in the younger grades are more active than the families in the “older” (e.g., 3rd & 4th grade) grades.
  • Regarding curriculum night, a parent explained that this year, child care was not provided for the first time in a long time and said this (rather than the makeup of the school) may explain the drop-off at this event. [If the question was about the Open House, Naomi explained to the PA Exec Board that it was not feasible to arrange child care for over 300 families].

February 8, 2017 PA Meeting



Parents: Yongsoo Park, Meredith Lampert, Lilach Musman, Maia Nuku, Oriana Stracuzzi, Maja Ceras, Miyonna Milton, Anna Soto, Megan Horton, Doug Geers, Rosalie Sanchez


PA Exec. Board: Alissa Peck, Nina Zmanouskaya, Alex Donn


Administration: None



  • Alissa Peck opened the meeting
  • Introductions
  • Interim financial report presented by Alissa Peck because Treasurer Michelle Perry not present
  • Annual drive update: we have raised almost $15K so far toward our $20K goal
  • We have $88K in the bank, but do not be fooled by that: we happen to be at a moment when we have taken in money from fundraising efforts, but have not yet received bills for things we are buying – our financial situation is fine, but we are not swimming in extra money
  • *Minutes of 1/6/17 PA meeting unanimously approved
  • *Minutes of 12/7/16 PA meeting unanimously approved
  • Discussion of Fall Fair: how to improve.  Many parents present felt that we need to improve the value of the wristbands, which were $20 or $25 and did not, actually, seem to get you very much except for the bouncy castle.  Bottom line – we should either significantly expand the range of activities that are covered by a wristband or reduce the price of the wristband.  Parents felt that, except for the bouncy castle, there weren’t many activities that were covered by the wristband, i.e. you had to pay for them despite having purchased the wristband
  • We are working on the CPE2 Events Calendar and should be able to distribute shortly
  • Discussion of the different types of “potluck” events that class parents are initiating in order to bring the families in each class/grade together
  • A parent mentions an interesting event at Mt. Sinai: the Brain Fair, let’s get more details and find a way to promote via communications
  • After-school programs: we may want to re-distribute the list of all after-school parents so that new parents can access it
  • Discussion of how parents can best communicate with other parents about after-school programs, transportation, etc.: using the google group is one option, but in certain circumstances it may be effective/useful/appropriate for Naomi to send out in SMORES or the PA to send out in communications – parents wanting to get a message out should reach out to the PA and see what makes sense
  • Hopes & Dreams Update
  • Garden Update
  • Parents can make a difference: garden, greenhouse, custodian are examples of parents improving the school by being persistent in advocating their positions to DOE reps and others
  • Parent suggests yoga/mindfulness in class, this has been suggested before – apparently Naomi is open or supportive, but the issue is teacher training – teachers must be trained appropriately


January 6, 2017 PA Meeting

A general membership meeting of the CPE2 Parents’ Association was held at 8:30 a.m. on January 6, 2017 in the CPE2 Elementary School Cafeteria.  A quorum was present.


Meeting Business:

Alissa Peck, the PA President, opened the meeting.  To be more consistent with the healthy foods policy, the meeting snacks were fruit, instead of Dunkin’ Donuts munchkins.  (There was also coffee.)


There was an update regarding the January 20, 2017 tea with Principal Naomi Smith.


Treasurer Michelle Perry provided the Treasurer’s Report and an update on the Pledge Drive: we have raised $13,000 so far.


Update regarding the open position of VP-Communications: one parent is interested in taking the position, but parents were encouraged to spread the word that the position is still open.


Verbal notice was given that, at the next General PA meeting, we plan to hold an election to fill the open position of VP-Communications.  Notice was also provided that to spread the word regarding the VP-Middle School Liaison position: Elaine Cunningham-Gross is currently performing the duties, but if there are other Middle School parents who would like to run for it, we will have an official election.


A parent asked if the bylaws require us to fill the open VP-Communications position.  I (Alex) answered that I am pretty sure the Bylaws provide for a “succession” system and do not require us to fill it.


Regarding the need for improved communications, a kindergarten parent noted that he had not been aware of a recent half-day, and no one from his family was there to pick his son up when the bus arrived.  It was suggested that for important notices like that, we should make sure that a hard copy goes home in the purple folders.


*A Fundraising Committee was formed.  Different strategies were discussed.


*A New Parent Welcome Committee was formed.  Starting program mid-year, assuming we have the volunteers, but goal is that incoming parents receive welcome packet upon registration and are contacted by a PA member right away.


Meridith Lampert provided a garden update.  The garden has been put to bed for the winter.  One focus of the update was on how we can ensure that Middle School students are able to participate in gardening.   We should consider, both for the Elementary School and the Middle School, adopting tree beds to expand our garden footprint.  Another was the possibility of having a mural painted on the cement on the side of the garden.

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