PA Meeting – May 2, 2018

Alissa Peck, PA President, opened the meeting at 6:13pm. Treasurer’s report: Contribution drive goal for 2017-2018 school year is $20,000. We are at $6,181 which is about 30% of our goal.  About 50% of meeting attendees had heard about the contribution drive. We will be sending out further communications about the Contribution Drive – particularly given… Continue Reading

PA Minutes – April 13, 2018

We need to prepare for PA executive board elections.  We need to find parents willing to run.  Positions needed to fill include President, possible co-President, Treasurer, Secretary, VP of Parent Services, VP of Communications, VP of Middle School.  Descriptions of the positions are posted on the school’s website: The School Leadership Team (SLT) needs three… Continue Reading

PA Minutes – March 23, 2018

Fundraising: -Annual Fund Drive: A reminder needs to be sent that we are continuing to accept contributions through our DAG site. -Amazon and Fairway contributions have been coming in steadily. Keep shopping as a percentage of your purchases are given to our school. We need to inquire how to set-up a similar arrangement with Target.… Continue Reading

PA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes February 3, 2018 The public hearings on possible re-location of our school are coming up. It is important that parents and other supportive people attend.  There will be two dates for hearings.  Pleas attend.  The school will provide child care and pizza both nights. Discussion about the potential move and preparations for the public… Continue Reading

PA Minutes January 17, 2018

Central Park East II Parents’ Association Meeting Wednesday, January 17, 2018, 6pm   Note: Naomi, Theresa, and representatives from the DOE including the District 4 Superintendent, Alex Estrella, attended this PA meeting to help explain the potential move of CPE II and new co-location in the Vito Marcantonio Educational Complex at 101st Street and 1st Avenue. 1. Naomi and the… Continue Reading

PA Minutes – December 8, 2017

 Meeting came to order 8:35 am. 1.     Secretary report – The PA voted on and passed updated bylaws. The method of executive board succession and titles of exec board members were slightly altered. 2.     Fundraising: a.     Families have until December 10 to shop Barnes and Noble online with a discount. 10 percent.  Code is on… Continue Reading

PA Meeting Minutes – November 1, 2017

CPE II Parents’ Association meeting November 1, 2017   Meeting Notes Meeting commenced at 6:10 pm. Alissa Peck, President, greeted parents and introduced the PA Executive board. Parents’ introductions. Both elementary and middle school parents were present. Announcements Alissa Peck stated that the Vice President of Communications role will be filled by Nina Zmanovskaya who is currently… Continue Reading

PA Meeting Minutes -October 13,2017

CPE II Parents’ Association meeting  Naomi Smith spoke about CPE II being a Title One school Title One  is largest federal program that gives funds to schools.  As with many federal programs, it has stipulations.  We were certified as Title One fifteen years ago, with 60 percent or more families that qualified for free lunch.… Continue Reading

PA Minutes – September 2017

CPE 2 Parents’ Association meeting September 15, 2017 Meeting Minutes   Introductions Announcements Our evening PA Meetings will take place at the CPEII middle school Meet your class/curriculum night on September 18-19th.   Batia reported on the CPE 2 Fall fair, October 21st  from noon to 5pm.  The event is largely planned.  Now we need… Continue Reading

May PA Meeting Minutes

  May 2017 General Membership Meeting Minutes A general membership meeting of the CPE2 Parents Association was held on Friday, May 5, 2017, at 8:30 a.m. in the CPE2 Elementary School cafeteria. A quorum was present.   Present: PA Exec. Board: Alissa Peck (President), Michelle Perry (Treasurer), Alex Donn (Secretary), Anat Grosfeld (Vice President).  … Continue Reading

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