Standardized Testing: Students at CPE II take all standardized tests mandated by the New York City Department of Education. These tests are given in grades 3 through 5. (See testing dates included in this handbook.) Test results, when available, are included with each child’s final report.
We believe that assessment should be authentic; that is, related directly to the work each child is doing in school. We are troubled by the trend in public education towards increased standardized testing, which takes assessment out of the hands of those working closest to the students. While some standardized tests may be useful, we oppose the use of standardized tests for grade promotion (high-stakes testing). We also seek to minimize the amount of test preparation in school.

When a Student Needs Extra Support: The staff at CPEII monitors the progress of their students very closely. We strive to meet the needs of each of our students through a variety of instructional practices. For students that need extra help, we are able to offer several types of services including extra support from math and literacy specialists, and IEP service providers.

We offer services, including counseling, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy. These services are provided based on evaluations by a team of professionals. Any parent who feels that their child requires such services may contact the principal for assistance.

Reporting Student Progress: Narrative reports are issued twice a year, in February and June, teachers compose a written report for each child describing the child’s learning process, growth and development, strengths and challenges. The narrative reports are meant to inform families of their child’s progress and are separate from the official cumulative record. The cumulative record is the only permanent record of your child’s progress kept by the Dept. of Education. We are always looking for ways to improve our reporting to parents.

Family Conferences: Parent-teacher-student conferences occur twice a year, in the fall and in the spring. These are required conferences, during which teachers offer an informal assessment of each student’s progress, strengths and weakness. Teachers seek parents’ input, in order to develop a full understanding of the child. Children are also asked for their opinions about their own progress.

Goal Setting: A key component of the fall conference is setting goals for the student. At the spring conference, the goals are revisited. Parents will be requested to sign up in advance for a specific conference time. We look forward to 100% participation in these conferences – this is one of the commitments you make as a Central Park East II parent or guardian, and the sharing of information is critical to the success of your child.

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