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CPE II has an ongoing effort to facilitate open communication and access to School Resources.  This website is a key part of this effort.  Please note: if you scroll to the bottom of any page you can select in what language you choose view the website.  This includes all Announcements and CPE II Notes.  Keep in mind that this is machine-based translation and by no means perfect.

On the CPE II Website you will find:

Announcements – All school-wide announcements are posted on the website as they are sent out via email so that you always know you can refer to the website for up to date information. You can also look back through past announcements as well.

Archives of CPE II Notes – If you missed something and need an old copy.

The Lost & Found – Here you will find photos of items Lost by Children, and Found by CPE 2.  Check to see if any of this is yours.  Items unclaimed after 10 days will be donated to Goodwill.

Menus –  View current Breakfast  or  Lunch Menus 

The CPE 2 Family Handbook – This is a Handbook with lots of information about CPE 2 policies, history, and more.

 Amazon.com Link – This is the link you also see on the home page of the CPE 2 website.  This is not because we have stock in Amazon, but because if you shop through amazon.com after clicking on that link, 6% of the value of everything you purchase, amazon.com will donate to CPE 2 at no cost to you! Please bookmark this link in your browser, and send this link to your friends and family.

The CPE II Parents’ Email Group– This is an online email-based Bulletin Board that allows members of the CPE II Community to communicate.  This is is a way of sending and replying to emails from the entire group without managing a huge CC: list in each email.

The email address for the group is: cpe2parents@googlegroups.com

If you send an email to this address (and you are a member of the group), every member of the group will get a copy of this email.  Replying to an email from this address will reply to all members of the group.

Please keep this in mind when sending replying to emails, if your message is intended or more appropriate for a single member of the group send the email to that individual rather than the group.  That way people’s inboxes don’t fill up with emails that just say, “Thanks!” or “See you there.” etc.

The web address for the list-serve is: http://groups.google.com/group/cpe2parents

If you want to search all of the emails and postings for the email group the will always be available for reference. The best way to search (especially in the future when we have a lot of emails built-up) is to search through the web interface of the email group.

 To Join the Email Group, subscribe below:

Subscribe to CPE 2 Parents Listserve
Visit this group

The School Event Calendar – This Calendar shows all CPE 2 Events – Scheduled School Closings, Community Meetings, Fundraising Events, Picnics, Celebrations, etc. This is easily seen at the CPE 2 website listed above.  If you have a Gmail account and Google calendar of your own, you can subscribe to the CPE 2 calendar and have the CPE2 events automatically show up on your own Google calendar as well as setting your calendar to send you email reminders of events, including CPE 2 events.  You need never miss a half-day, a PA meeting, or have your child forget their T-shirt for  Community Meeting! If you have an iPhone or Android phone, this Google calendar can also be synced to your phone for easy reference at all times.

Scroll down the page to view the CPE 2 Calendar.  To subscribe to the calendar, and have the CPE 2 events show-up on your calendar (and have notifications emailed to you based on how you set-up your calendar) click the “+ Google Calendar” Button.  This will take you to your Google Calendar and ask if you wish to add the cpe2parents events to your calendar.  Click “Yes.”

If you do not yet have a Google Calendar, it will lead you through how to set one up.

I hope all of this this isn’t too long or complicated, but I do want to make this as accessible to everyone as possible – with great numbers come great things for our school and our kids.

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