SLT Minutes October 2017

  • How do we create our Agenda :

    • Use Google Docs to add agenda ideas

      • How will we decide priority?

      • Who prepares discussion and leads?

      • Part of every meeting will be used to decide what will be discussed next so there is enough time for preparation

        • Short term vs. long term items

        • Use beginning of each SLT meeting to brainstorm issues that are SLT related

        • First 10-15 min. Should be used to follow up from previous meeting

        • Last 10 min. Should be carved out for planning for the upcoming meeting

      • Liz can “Time Box” the agenda moving forward

  • By-Laws/Amendments

    • Can add a designated 2 representatives to represent the middle school and keep the representatives at the lower school as is

    • Don’t have to do this for this year, instead, let’s plan for next year

    • Write the By-Laws now, figure out what’s legal (Nell will reach out to Servia, the UFT District Rep.)

      • Small team could revise the by-laws and then we can review them together

      • Double check–can non-SLT members listen AND talk or not?

      • The idea is to invite parents so they can provide their expertise/opinion on certain topics

        • This would help the Middle School have more representation

    • Batia, Yael, Liz will work on By-Laws

  • I-Portal

    • Naomi doesn’t care if people comment, but someone (Liz) will need to set up the portal and share instructions. Liz will sit with Naomi to do this

    • We are currently waiting for feedback for the SCEP, but we could edit in the meantime if we want to (keep in mind it’s a 41 page document)

    • Naomi will share the document with SLT members

    • Theresa made suggestion to be cognizant of how the document is written. If you make suggestions, make it very clear where you want to add the change

    • Batia: the SCEP should be a living document that we always refer to

    • I-portal is going to help us re-create what we need to re-create for next year.

  • Social/Emotional training and information about tween/teen anxiety–how to cope, support students/families going through this

    • Naomi is saying it is an important topic, but that we need a plan for the discussion

    • Batia: there’s an immediate need to address this issue, emphasized importance of the topic is to give parents information and resources.

    • Yhane: resources can be sent out, but is that really helpful? We want to be thoughtful in finding/sharing resources

    • We need to consider what protocols are in place as a school

    • Elaine suggested showing “Screenagers” movie because it could bring up a lot of issues organically

      • Middle school parents don’t see each other often, so sharing resources could be helpful

      • Who would prepare, lead, mediate the discussion from the movie?

        • Theresa suggested this would be a great project for a working group–to come up with a protocol (by Nov. 10th). They could figure out where the holes are, where to go from here, etc.

    • Mental Health should be separate from Health and Wellness, and Creating Compassionate Communities

    • Nov. 10th- we will have 4 working groups, 1 new sound boarding group to discuss Mental Health

  • H&D Meeting

    • 5:30pm start (Food available until 6pm)

    • 6- 7pm Meeting

    • Send out information prior to the event so the group can prepare

    • How will the conversations go?

    • What are the steps to create an action plan?

    • The goal is for everyone to know what they will go off to do

      • Update

      • Brainstorm

      • Sort (short term vs. long term goals)

      • Action

    • Needs to be a leader who reports back to SLT about progress for each group

    • Form will be created for each group so SLT members can all bring back similar types of information to report back to the group

      • Nell and Theresa will work on creating this organizer

    • Theresa’s group’s problem is that there is not a lot of knowledge (finding school building) so Naomi needs to be on this group

    • To encourage more teachers to participate, allow them to NOT stay late the following Monday and Tuesday if they stay for the Friday H&D meeting

    • The committees can be small, but one group needs to work on how to get more parents involved

    • Liz will encourage groups to meet in person, in-between already planned group meetings

    • Suggestion to have Focus Group discussions where a leader from SLT can be there to facilitate the group

      • Will give people who couldn’t attend meeting time to get caught up and still be involved

    • 5 groups

      • *Mental Health – Theresa, Batia, Yhane

      • Health & Wellness- Alissa or Carlotta

      • Social Justice/Compassionate Communities- Yael

      • School Advocacy- Naomi

      • Parent Engagement/Communication- Nell, Tiffany, Elaine

  • School schedule

    • What is planned during Vida’s absence?

      • Art is integrated into other content areas (i.e. Worktime, Social Studies, etc.)

      • Parents need to know this. Just let them know that Vida is on maternity leave and when we can expect her back. Naomi can add this to CPE2 Notes

        • Maybe worth mentioning why we didn’t get a sub for Vida–we don’t want just anyone in our community

        • Nell can take video of Rosie’s kids next week to showcase performance art

    • Square 1 art was pushed back to next school year

    • Perhaps consider other fundraisers–catalog orders, fruit baskets, Christmas trees, etc.

    • Parents want to know what is going on each day (daily schedule), especially in the lower grades

      • Will pick up the discussion here next week

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