SLT Minutes October 2017

How do we create our Agenda : Use Google Docs to add agenda ideas How will we decide priority? Who prepares discussion and leads? Part of every meeting will be used to decide what will be discussed next so there is enough time for preparation Short term vs. long term items Use beginning of each… Continue Reading

SLT Minutes September 2017

Chair: Liz Simmons Secretary/Time Keeper: Tiffany Koo SLT Stipend Vote Traditionally, money has been sent to the school (as opposed to having a Treasurer log individual hours and distribute funds to each SLT member) Vote results: 9 unanimous YES votes to continue on with tradition Think about properly representing all of our constituencies Currently, there… Continue Reading

April 21, 2017 SLT Minutes

SLT minutes This meeting was focused on preparation for the May Hopes & Dreams meeting. Alissa will do short intro explaining the history/goals of this event. We will break into groups for discussion. Groups should identify 2-3 big goals and work towards those. Groups should be prepared to present at 6:45 what they have come up with.… Continue Reading

March 17, 2017 SLT Meeting

CPE2  SLT meeting #7  3.17.17   We had a long discussion about how we as a group work on the CEP and the process that we use. Essentially, conclusions from our conversations form the basis of the document. For example, the Windows Into Progressive Education, came from our conversation last year. We also need to… Continue Reading

February 10, 2017 SLT Meeting

CPE 2 SLT #6 2.10.17   Attendees  : Lilach, Batia, Alissa, Eva, Bill, Matt, Vida, Theresa, Naomi, and Yhane as UFT rep delegate   Empathy work is progressing well. The grant may be winding down and Jesse is awaiting approval  for her to do additional research.   Put Sustainable group in touch with the Monica… Continue Reading

January 20, 2017 SLT Meeting

SLT Meeting  1.20.17 Coffee/Tea with Naomi had a good turnout. Discussed questions around the arts curriculum offered in the Middle school         Music          Art          PE          Language A lot of what is provided is based on the number of students we have, as our school population increases so can what we offer.   Update the small yard… Continue Reading

December 2, 2016 Hopes & Dreams

SLT Minutes Dec 2, 2016 Hopes & Dreams 2016 – 2017 CPE II Collaborates   This SLT meeting was the 2nd working parent group meeting. We started with this presentation of what was discussed and the plans created in May. The SLT Hopes & Dreams Working groups are: Creating Compassionate Communities Sustainable CPEII Parent Communication… Continue Reading

October 28, 2016 SLT Meeting

SLT Meeting  October 28, 2016   Attendance – Lilach Musman, Batia Serrette, Nell Becker, Theresa Luongo, Naomi Smith, Matt Amore, Vida Nazemian, Bill Gladstone, Eva Schwartz, Elizabeth Simmons, Alissa Peck   Discussion Identifying Class Parents – This is a work in progress. Some teachers have identified class parents while others are still working towards that. Class Parent Job Description –… Continue Reading

September 30, 2016 SLT Meeting

SLT Meeting #1 9.30.16   Background on SLT We discussed the SLT role in the school as a consulted body and gave as an example the Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP). The SLT works to create this document. The “Window To Progressive Education” Event we had last June was a direct result of a conversation that… Continue Reading

May 2016 Hopes & Dreams

SLT Minutes May   2016 Hopes & Dreams As a Title 1 school, every year we are obligated to collect parents feedback on the programs that we offer to our students. So parents and staff get together and discuss our hopes and dreams for the short and long term. The following has come about through these… Continue Reading

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