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CPE II is an un-zoned school, which means anyone residing in New York City may apply.  However, new DOE regulations have placed some restrictions on admissions. Pre-K and Kindergarten admissions are done by the DOE, with a mandated priority for District 4 and then District 5.  CPE II siblings always have priority.  First to fifth graders apply directly to our school. We strive to create a diverse school community that includes parents and guardians who understand and choose our philosophy.  To this end we offer tours so that families will know our community before applying.

CPE 2 Tours & Application Process for 2017-2018 School Year

If your child was born in 2012, you can apply to kindergarten at CPE II up until January 13, 2017. For Kindergarten admissions, all families, including those of students with disabilities and current pre-k students, must submit an application called Kindergarten Connect. (For information visit: http://schools.nyc.gov/ChoicesEnrollment/Elementary/Kindergarten)

It is important that families interested in CPE II come on a school tour and we will keep track of these families. Families applying to other grades are welcome on these tours as well.


Pre-K enrollment window is from: January 17, 2017 – February 24, 2017 
(For information about the Pre-K enrollment/application process, visit http://schools.nyc.gov/ChoicesEnrollment/PreK/default.htm)

CPE 2 Tours for the 2017-18 School Year

CPE 2 Elementary School – Our tour dates are listed below, please RSVP for a tour using the link beneath the tour dates:

  • Tuesday, December  20, 2016  at 8:45 am
  • Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 8:45 am
  • Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 8:45 am
  • Friday, February 10, 2017 at 8:45 am

Click here to sign-up.

On your tour date, we will meet in the cafeteria at 8:45 am. Please arrive promptly at the start time, do NOT arrive early, as children will be gathered in the cafeteria for the start of school until 8:20.

Tour is for adults only.


CPE 2 Middle School

Middle School Fair for District 4 will be Thursday October 1 at 5:30 – 7:30 at the Tito Puente Educational Complex 240 E 109th St (at 3rd Ave.) Sign up for tours there. After October 1stpeople who did not attend fair will be able to sign up. There will be a special CPE I and CPE II tours for all 5th graders and then for their parents. Dates to be determined.

Questions? Email Yhane Smith at yhane@cpe2.org or call 212-860-5992

Main Office: 212-860-5992 -- Address: 19 E. 103rd St, New York, NY 10029, 4th Floor

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