Check Backpacks for COVID Tests

COVID tests were sent home today, Friday, September 23rd.  Every student was given two test boxes to take home.  Each box has two tests in it. Please make sure to check your child's backpack for the tests.
The FDA has extended the expiration date of COVID tests for six months.  So, even if the date on the test you received has passed, please know that test is good and effective.  For more information go to:
If your child is feeling sick, or is showing any of the symptoms of COVID, please test them immediately.  
If your child has been exposed to COVID wait 24 hours and test them.
If you receive a negative result, please wait 48 hours and then test again.
While some people believe that the threat of COVID has passed, the reality is that 400 people are still dying from COVID everyday.  Testing is one of the tools we have to protect ourselves and each other.
Vaccination is another way to protect ourselves and our family, friends and community.  If you need an appointment to get vaccinated, go to