Make Your Voice Heard About Screened Middle Schools

Recently, Chancellor Banks announced changes to Middle and High School Admissions

For the last two years, all students in a district have had the same opportunity to be admitted to the middle school of their choice without exception.  One of the changes Chancellor Banks announced is the possibility of reinstating academic screens for some Middle Schools. These screens would allow certain Middle Schools to only admit students who have high test scores and grades.  Other students would be admitted to the remaining schools by lottery.  

CPEII has never been and doesn't ever plan to be a screened school.  We believe that all students deserve to have the same opportunities for choice.

In each District,  Superintendents are consulting with the community about which schools, if any, would use screening criteria for admission to Middle School.

You can make your voice heard in District 4 by filling out the  D4 Feedback Survey for Screeners in the Admissions Policy and by attending the Community Education Council (CEC Meeting) tomorrow night at 6pm -  in person, at 4M108, School of Authors, or on Zoom at:

Meeting ID: 985 3237 7135

Passcode: 123456