THIS THURSDAY is the High School Application Deadline

The big day is almost here!  High School Applications must be submitted through MySchools by this Thursday, December 1st. 
If you have your list of 12 schools, please don't wait, SUBMIT TODAY! 
Don't worry, you can still access the application to make changes up to the deadline.
If you DON'T have a list of 12 schools now is the time to make decisions.
If you need help finding schools contact [email protected] for suggestions
If you have audition or screened schools on your list, you may need to submit additional materials.
Go to the audition or screened school pages to find out which schools require additional materials.
Screened School Assessments
Audition School Instructions
Tips for a Great High School Application
Put a variety of schools on your list - don't fill it up with only popular, hard to get into schools.  Put some Educational Option, and Open Admission schools on your list.
Closer is not always better.  There are great schools all over the city and many of them could be the perfect school for your student.  Use Google Maps to check the commute time.  Sometimes a school that seems really far away can actually take less time to get to than one that seems close.  
Check School Websites.  Schools often put additional, important information about their specific admissions requirements on their website that can't be found on MySchools or the DOE pages.  Check the website so you don't miss out.
Talk to your student.  They will spend four years in High School so it should be a school they fell good about.
Breathe!!!  In the end, your student will go to high school. Some kids have great experiences at schools that weren't what they thought they wanted.  Some kids find out that their first choice isn't all they imagined.  However things happen, every student has high school experiences that help them grow and learn.  And...most high schools accept students in 10th grade. So, they can apply again next year if they REALLY want a change.