Friday 6/16: End of Year Picnic, High School Musical & PA Elections!

Central Park East II Family Picnic Bring Food Have fun PA & SLT Elections High School Musical

This Friday June 16th at CPE II!

Family Picnic 5pm

We usually have our End Of Year Picnic in the park. Several parents have suggested having it at school. Bring you own blanket, lawn chairs & food and come to the Garden (Small) Yard.   

PA Elections 5:30pm

Traditionally our Parent Association and SLT Elections are held at the End Of Year Picnic. This year they will be held at 5:30 in the Garden Yard.

Thanks for all the parents who have agreed to fill leadership positions.

We do have enough parents, however, If you are still interested, email Naomi ([email protected]) who will forward your name to the nominations committee. 

REMEMBER - Everyone with a child at CPEII is automatically a member of the Parents Association and can vote in the elections. Your participation in the PA is always welcome, needed and appreciated.

Naomi Hair Reveal 5:30pm

During the Spring Fair, families voted on a vibrant color for Naomi to dye her hair.  We will take last minute votes tomorrow at drop-off in the morning and all day until pick-up and the color will be revealed during elections!  Cast your vote for $1!!  What color will it be?

Red, Blue, Purple or Pink!

High School Musical (Main Cast Performance) 6 pm

We hope families who are joining for the picnic will take the time to see the middle school's production of High School Musical - the kids have been working incredibly and hard, come give them shine!

The performance will take place in the Art Space on the 3rd floor.
The show is around 45 minutes - so there's still plenty of time to vote for next year's PA and enjoy the picnic!