The CPEII PA organizes a number of events every year to raise funds and promote community.  Parent volunteers are at the heart of each and every one of these efforts.  From planning, to organizing, to securing donations, to sending out emails, there are many ways for you to contribute to making all of of school events a successful and fun.

Family Picnics

Every year, we begin and end the school year with a community building event that stays true to the heart of CPEII.  

Held in Central Park, Family picnics are a great way to all come together, and socialize for families, students and teachers.  Whether we're looking forward to the school year ahead, or back on the year that's passing, the Family Picnic is always a time to get to know one another a little better.



The Fall Fair is the biggest CPEII Fundraiser, and also the most fun for everyone.

It takes the whole community to make the Fall Fair a exciting day for all the kids.  So, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer.  Work a craft table, bring in food, organize entertainment, create flyers.  Whatever your talents or time time constraints, there's a way for you to help make the Fall Fair a success!


Movie Night

You went through all that trouble finding (or making) the perfect Halloween costume, and they only get to wear it once!  Here's another chance to show of that awesome costume, and have a great time, dancing.

A relaxed community building event, the Halloween Dance Party is your chance to make volunteering look like a celebration.




A delightful night of food, fun and entertainment.  The only CPEII Community event that is adults only. A  rare opportunity for a grown-up night out to socialize.

A silent auction fundraiser is also part of of the night.  Plenty of opportunities to volunteer with organizing, planning and obtaining or donating auction items.

Spring Fair

This event, planned and organized by the Health & Wellness Committee is a fun day, focused on fitness and nutrition.  Bike safety, cooking demos, bicycle smoothies and more.


If healthy living is your thing, join the Health & Wellness Committee to help plan this event and

other health-focused initiatives.

Picture Day

Who doesn't love collecting those pictures that show our kids growing from one year to the next? 


It takes a team of people to make Picture Day run smoothly. Here's your chance to help every child at CPEII have a picture they want to keep forever!

Talent Show

Every child is talented in their own way and there's no shortage of children at CPEII who love to show off theirs.

It's a big event that takes lots of planning. Volunteers are needed to organize, schedule and lead rehearsals, direct group acts, and to work as stage hands the night of the event.