CPE II PA 2019-2020 Events Calendar

9/5 Thursday, 8:30-9:15am


Parent Breakfast & PA Meeting.

Set up work groups (Fall Fair, Class Parents, Talent Show, Auction, Health Wellness, Spring Fair, etc).  

9/13 Friday, 5:30pm

Welcome-Back Family Picnic

(Central Park, East Meadow off 100th St)

9/26 Wednesday, 8:30am

Health & Wellness Meeting .

Agenda set up future Health Wellness Meetings. Improve cafeteria environment

and school food.  Spring Fair planning.

10/4 Friday, 5:30 pm

Parents’ Association Meeting Title I Meeting

Childcare and pizza provided.         

10/26 Saturday, 12-4pm

Fall Fair (100 street 1 at Ave)

Volunteers needed to organize food, rummage, booths and games

11/01 Friday, 5:00pm

Free Post Halloween Movie Night

Bring your unwanted Halloween Candy.  We will donate it to US

military troops.  

11/6 Wednesday, 8:30am

Parent’s Association Meeting  

12/06 Friday, 5:30pm

Parents’ Association Meeting 

Childcare and pizza provided.         

12/13 Friday, 5:30pm

CPE2’s Got Talent Holiday Open Mic Night 

1/08 Wednesday, 8:30am

Parents’ Association Meeting

2/07 Friday, 1:45pm 

Parents’ Association Meeting

Trying a new meeting time, right

before pick-up for February.

3/04 Wednesday, 8:30 am

Parents’ Association Meeting


4/1 Friday, 5:30

Parents’ Association Meeting

childcare and pizza provided 

5/6 Wednesday 8:30

Parents’ Association Meeting

6/3 Friday, 5:30

Parents’ Association Meeting

Budget, Exec Board SLT elections.


6/9 Tuesday, 11am

Staff Appreciation Breakfast/Luncheon - Volunteers needed to organize

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Central Park East II - Pre-K 3 to 8th Grade

433 E 100th Street New York, NY 10029