Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Central Park East II Parents’ Association Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 9, 2019, 8:30am

1. Talent show:This year’s talent show will happen in the multipurpose room. The renovations of the room are supposed to be finished in February but could be pushed back to a later date. We are scheduling the talent show for May, to avoid any problems.

2. School website:PA co-President Julie Atwell is taking on CPE II website improvement.

3. PA board next year:We will need new people to hold some positions on the PA board next year, due to two-year term limits.  We need volunteers to take on some of these positions for next year.

4. Auction fundraiser:

a. The auction evening will likely be on March 29. The space had been double booked for our original date, and we had to choose a new date.  We are figuring out availability of performers.  [Note: At the time of the PA meeting, we announced March 1 for the auction, but it was subsequently moved to March 29.]

b. We would love to get donationsfor items and services to auction. If you have any possibility or know local artists and businesses who could donate something, please speak to them about it.  This will be a charitable donation for the business, PR for the business, and income for school.  Donations of classes for kids - dance, karate, sports, etc.-- would be great. Does anyone know a family photographer. A photo session would be a great item for the auction.

5. Building construction

a. Naomi and members of the PA board met with School Construction Authority (SCA) representatives last Thursday.  We have a documents of detailed notes from that meeting.

b. A parent asked whether we could we add some greening projects, since construction workers are already here?  It was suggested to put trees on the roof and more trees around building.  PA board members agreed to look into it further and find out more information.

c. A report on dust in the building was made at the request of the UFT. The PA board was given a copy of this report. The contractor reports that they are checking for dust and cleaning daily. Parents expressed concern and asked what they can do when they see construction dust. They were advised to email the PA president and Naomi. 

6. General Building maintenance. Some general maintenance concerns were raised. 

a. Some of the bathrooms need maintenance, such as in the small children hallway.  

b. Mariama agreed to speak to Naomi about the best way for parents to help with getting additional building maintenance.

c. Some parents noted problems with the sidewalk between the street and the school, including uneven pavement, lack of weather maintenance and people not cleaning up behind their dogs. While some people wanted to call 311, it was suggested that it might be more prudent to contact the building management to discuss possible solutions.

7. Parent Coordinator. Some parents asked whether CPE2 has a parent coordinator and who fills this role?  There was discussion about how having one could help build community.

8. Bike racks. Questions were raised about bike racks and an organized space to store scooters and strollers. The PA will seek more information and possible solutions.

9. Class parents. A parent had questions about better organizing class parents and helping to make sure that they all know what their roles are.

a. An orientation or conference call was suggested.

b. It was suggested that teachers could send an email at the beginning of the year requesting a class parent volunteer.

c. The opinion was voiced that a Parent Coordinator could help coordinate class parents

10. Science teacher. There was discussion about the science curriculum at CPEII. Some parents expressed their interest in having a dedicated science teacher to implement a program across grades.

11. Teacher input. Could a teacher representative come to a PA meeting sometime, to give us the teachers perspective?  On issue of classroom parents, etc.

12. PA budget report.

a. We have $94,000 in our account.  Income from last year’s fund drive was deposited recently.  Current fund drive has only brought in $3,000.  However there are some funds that still need to be deposited. 

b. Our request for $40 per student for supplies at the start of the school year netted less than half as much money as last year.  About $4,000 this year.  

c. For ice skating we should get payments of $30 each for 70-80 kids, but funds have only been received for about 40 kids. 

d. We will look into how to allow these payments to happen online.

e. Classroom parents with help from a parent coordinator would help us communicate about and collect these fees.

f. Teachers still haven't all taken advantage of funding available for their classrooms and field trips.  Classroom parents could help communicate with teachers to make plans if they aren't already happening.

13. Camping trip. Some parents expressed confusion and concern about the change in plans for the 5thgrade camping trip and wanted more communication when things change.

14. Health and Wellness: The next health and wellness meeting will be on January 30.

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