10.12.18 CPEII SLT Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Jen (parent), Elaine (parent), Mariama (parent/PA pres), Julie (parent/PA president), Eric (parent), Naomi (principal/staff), Theresa (staff), lisa (staff - UFT rep; filling in for Clarissa), Traciz (CBO/Childrens Aid rep), Yhane

SLT membership

Mandatory members:

Principal (Naomi)

PA president (either Mariama or Julie - both can attend but only person can vote as PA president member if needed)

UFT chapter leader (Clarissa)

Other parent members: Jen, Elaine, Eric, Gema

Other staff members: Yael (currently on maternity leave), Theresa

Need an additional staff member to replace Tiffany who is no longer at CPE2

Future meeting dates:

Monthly on Friday at 3:30

**we will need to provide childcare for those that need it

November 9

December 7

January 11

February 8 (Feb 1 backup if PA event scheduled for 2/8)

March 1

April 12

May 10

June 14 (CPE2 school gathering)


There is money allocated for each person elected to SLT

One member opts to keep stipend. Absent members will need to vote next meeting to keep their stipend or give to school.

CEP 2018-19

CEP is a document created by school staff with input from the parent SLT members. It is a guideline for the school that sets school priorities, establishes goals and aligns resources. We incorporate DOE requirements into our community in ways that are consistent with our practices. It is used to communicate goals around reading, math, creating caring community.

Currently being revised based on DOE feedback from initial submission. Naomi to share access to all members via portal

Major new items in the CEP include work around math (developing a systemic way to describe math skills across grades and among staff) and implicit bias curriculum. See below for more details.

Math (CEP):

Developing a systemic way to describe math skills across grades for teachers to understand where kids are, and also develop strategies for help students move to the next level.

-Theresa used the leveled reading baggies as a similar example. The leveled bags are a common language to describe how a student is progressing. It gives all staff a sense of where the student is at that point. School is developing similar systems for math.

- For math, this work will start with assessing student understanding of place value.

- This work will run parallel to the math curriculum that is already in pace.

- Work started in the spring and assessments are being given now with teams coming together to review - goal is to have assessments done by November.

- A student identified as struggling will then have a "math interview" (1 on 1 meeting with student to gather more info). Based on this, self-directed tasks will be developed for student to help them progress to next level.

Work around implicit bias (CEP)

Naomi/Theresa involved in training on this. There will be a school committee to maintain work. Plan to do staff development around this for whole school


- Jen raised that a question came in from a parent: asking about health ed/ sex-ed at the middle school level and also if there is anything at the 4th/5th grade level about body awareness/safety

- There is NYC DOE required education about HIV that is done across all grade levels.

- At CPEII there are middle school advisories (small groups of 12-15 students with one adult point person) for 7th and 8th grade: nutrition and sexual harassment are discussed in these groups. There is work around cybersafety done in technology at the middle school.

- Middle school participates in workshops done by in RAPP (relationship abuse prevention program)

- For those interested, there is a NYC Sex Ed task group - their latest report with recs about education can be read here: https://www.weteachnyc.org/media2016/filer_public/28/55/28550392-0dd2-4a9b-ade4-93dae3be0229/hiv-aids_curriculum_2012_update_september_2015.pdf

- Traciz brought up that CAS could be a potential partner in providing health education. They currently use the Boys & Girls Club Curriculum - Smart Girls and Passport to Manhood. This is typically done in 5-8th grades.

Links to these programs for more info: https://www.bgca.org/programs/health-wellness

Look into CAS potentially incorporating this into the school day

- Carrera program (a national CAS pregnancy prevention program) is used for both parents and youth to help create a family culture where everyone is comfortable talking about health/body. They also do education on healthy relationships, age-appropriate sex ed/body development.

- Eric made suggestion that talking about gender/body differences/etc be done on school-wide level, even for younger kids because even young children talk about gender roles and differences.

- Theresa brought up that school tries to teach the basic premise - accept differences (in terms of expression, values, gender non-conformity). Try to promote this by doing things like not lining up by gender, having age appropriate books, teaching inclusivity and respect regardless of differences.

- Discussed that another teacher training could be implemented around how to help facilitate discussion between kids around gender, respecting differences, etc.

Agenda for next meeting

> Plan for next Hopes and Dreams meeting (potentially Dec 7th?).

> Further discussion around health education? (potentially including body development, sex ed, alcohol/tobacco/drugs) and gender? Incorporating objective, "science" education on body changes and development at upper grades level. Also having an easily accessible resource bank for families/students who are struggling with any of these issues. Navigating different family values/cultures around this.

> Implementing unisex bathrooms (I know this came up but not sure if it was to be agenda item).

> Importance of helping families understand culture of school and progressive ed and how best to communicate this

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