10/13/17 CPEII PA Meeting Minutes

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

1. Naomi Smith spoke about CPE II being a Title One school

- Title One is largest federal program that gives funds to schools. As with many federal programs, it has stipulations. We were certified as Title One fifteen years ago, with 60 percent or more families that qualified for free lunch.

- Title One provides free breakfast and lunch for our children, plus additional funds to use in our school.

- Over the years, our population has shifted, but we were grandfathered in and still get Title One funds.

- Our school leadership team created Hopes and Dreams meetings to be place where parents can come together to express their wishes: garden and after school program came out of this program. Our first working group meeting of the year will be on November 10.

2. PA Treasurer's report & budget

- The PA is a 501-C3 charity. We are separate from the school in terms of budget.

- Currently about $80k in reserves. Projected income of about $50k this year and projected expenses of about $63k. Approximately $13k of reserves will be used. This is intentional. See budget report document for budget details

- Garden educator: PA is proposing a new weekly number of hours, rate, and work to be done. Since her expertise is in curriculum, we hope that she would work with faculty to develop connections between CPE II curriculum and the garden.

- A new scooter rack will be installed next Monday, in the yard. Kids will need to provide locks. We may want to discuss getting another for bikes. This one will not work well for bikes.

- Pa has requested $3,000 to run a silent auction as a fundraiser. Money will be spent to secure vendors for the event. PA members voted YES on this spending.

3. Open PA board positions

- Executive board: Co-President, Vice President, and VP of Communications positions are open. Please contact Doug Geers if you are interested: dgeers@gmail.com.

4. Fall Fair

- Thanks to Davis, dad of Kylie in the second grade, for designing our Fall Fair flyer!

- We wish for people to buy wristbands in advance online. Those who buy online will get extra tickets to buy other things. Body art, food, photo opportunity, and pumpkins will cost extra & not be covered by wristband.

- Please send the link to the site for purchasing wristbands to all of your social media accounts.

- Please bring your rummage beginning on Thursday for the Fall Fair rummage sale. There will be space in back of the cafeteria to store it.

- Please use online signup to choose what food you bring. Please bring food as early as possible on Saturday. If you cannot make it, contact Batia and she will make arrangements for someone to pick up food from you.

Meeting adjourned, 9:20am.

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