10-4-19 CPE II Parent's Association Minutes

October 4, 2019


Parent’s Association Meeting 5:30-6:15

Fall Fair ticket table help needed. Signup genius for Fall Fair will again be made available to the community. Online website purchase will be made available for wristbands. This year, wristbands will be advanced purchase only.

Vote to elect Megan Horton and Meredith Lampert PA Co-Treasurers.

Vote on several budget items:

16,000  Opus 118 

     400  Flag Football

     800  Recess Enhancement 

  1,000  Asphalt Green Swim Class

  8,400  92Y music program 

     800  Ice Skating

  1,000  June class trips 

     300  Dance Troop Uniforms


TOTAL = $ 28,700

All budget items were unanimously approved. All 16 general PA members voted “Yes,” in favor of expenditures.

Title 1 Meeting Discussion

Discussion of what it means to be a Title 1 school. CPE2 receives a $236,247 Title 1 funding allocation. 1% of that goes to parent engagement. 10% supports professional development for teachers. CPE2 is in need of parents to act on the Title 1 Subcommittee of the PA. Email Principle, Parent Coordinator, or PA President if interested in joining this subcommittee.

Discussion of starting Parent Equity Group. This group would mirror some of the equity work done by/with CPE2 staff. Would support discussion of issues around race and gender.

Meeting followed by discussion of segregation in the NYC public school system.

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