11/1/17 CPEII PA Meeting Minutes

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

1. Meeting commenced at 6:10 pm.

Alissa Peck, President, greeted parents.

2. PA executive board members introductions.

3. Parents’ introductions.

Both elementary and middle school parents were present.

4. Announcements

a) Alissa Peck stated that the Vice President of Communications role will be filled by Nina Zmanovskaya who is currently Co-VP of Parent Services. Jen McKenna will continue in the role of VP of Parent Services. By-laws will be amended to reflect this change. If anyone would like to see the current by-laws, please consult the website.

b) Co-President and Vice President positions will remain vacant and the board will proceed this year without them. Any necessary amendments to our by laws will be shared and approved at our next meeting.

5. Update on 2 PA projects:

a) The installation of a sensor-activated water cooler is a major line item in the PA budget. However, more time is needed to research its feasibility. Elaine Cunningham will help with this effort. If there are other parents who can help, please reach out to her. A middle school parent will ask CPE High School about their experience in installing one at their school.

b) The Gardening Program Educator is no longer supported by the PA. However,

recess gardening will continue with help from parents volunteers. More education based garden programming is being discussed with the Science teacher.

6. Teacher & Staff Class Gift-giving

a) Each class with help from class parents is encouraged to express their appreciation the best way they see fit. The DOE has a specific policy around staff gift-giving including a limit on monetary value. It was discussed that the PA is not involved in this project.

b) End of the year staff appreciation luncheon is organized and paid by the PA.

7. Fundraising Initiatives:

a) Elaine Cunningham gave an update on our December fundraising event, the Barnes & Noble Book Fair. More details to follow.

b) Nina Zmanovskaya gave an update on our February fundraising event, the first CPE evening gathering with a dinner/drinks and auction component. More details to follow. Mariama Duncan is spearheading this effort. She is looking for more parent involvement.

c) The Annual Fund Drive will take place soon. A letter will be sent out to each family.

8. Meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm

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