11/9/18 CPEII SLT Minutes

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Action Items

· Naomi and Theresa will communicate with SCA re scheduling a Town Hall Meeting for CPE2 families to discuss construction issues. Mariama and Julie will gather questions and discussion topics from the community.

· UFT members to share their information on school construction with PA.

· Julie will gather pictures from the community to make a slide show.

· There will be a middle school open house on Tuesday, 11/27/18.

· CA will work to provide health education into the school day.  Staff will be trained to provide health education starting in grade 4.  

· CA wants an information table at the upcoming Family Conference Night.

· Planning Day of Service on MLK Day. Follow up letter needed requesting CA artists and assistance.

· PA to do a letter asking CA to get artists to help paint murals.

Health Education

Jeanette (CA supervisor) plans to send staff for more training to provide appropriate health education program.   CPE2 would like health education program to include the following.  

Gender neutral content.  Appropriate for grades 4 and up.  Based in biology/science.  Provide parents with ability to opt out (consent required).   

Jeanette states that CA social worker has a full caseload, however, CA can refer to other agencies providing mental health services to children.  Naomi mentioned partnership/relationship with IPTAR.  Naomi also discussed relationship with PAPP program for middle school. 

School Application Process

We discussed ways to provide support to middle school and elementary school families in the high school application process.   There is a December 3 deadline for high school applications.  Naomi plans to offer application support on Nov.14 and Nov.15 during Family Conferences.  

We discussed how to support 5 th grade families in the middle school application process.  Staff expressed wish that more families would continue in the CPE2 middle school.  

We discussed how race and state testing impact the school application process and ways to present this information to the school population.  We discussed loss of families due to recent school move and the change in student population around 3rd grade.  Group discussed how to build community and how to retain families in the older grades.

Building construction

It was agreed that the community should have discussion/communication with the School Construction Authority. Naomi has requested an Air Quality Review. The UFT has requested information on the scope of work and timelines. UFT chapter leader will share information with PA. Naomi and Theresa agree that a Town Hall should be scheduled to accommodate questions from the community. Naomi and Theresa to reach out to the Chris Haul of SCA to arrange a time that he can answer community questions. Naomi discussed current construction protocols so that community is not exposed to construction dust. Plan for getting more direct sunlight due to plastic and scaffold discussed.

We discussed having a Day of Service on MLK Day. The community could come together to help decorate the new space.

Elementary School Science

Elementary school science is now taught in the classroom, integrated into the curriculum. There will be more garden activities with Eric (CA), Paul, and Monica (Beyond Gardens). There will be garden education program in grades 2,3, and 6. 4th grade will have the oyster project; 2ndgrade does the birds project; and camping has a biology focus. There will also be an Eco Club and health education program.


We discussed need for a PR team to explain the different activities offered. This will help family retention and community building. Need for a slide show on the screen near the security desk in the front of the building to showcase activities. Children’s Aid made a request to connect with all of the providers in the building so they can document scope of service. CA to host twice a month community breakfast, Buen Provecho, provided for parents.

CA usually does a Thanksgiving dinner. This year, it was decided to do a celebration around the Winter Solstice, since, CPEII has traditionally had a celebration around that time.  Perhaps we should attempt to use the auditorium at Manhattan East. Event could be a way to showcase some of the talent programs - Rosie's Kids, Opus, Tap Dance, Dance Team.  Dinner maybe served at event.

Next Meeting

Friday, December 7, 2018

Carry over agenda items:

· Need of a PR Team to publicize CPE2 programs.

· Discussion of the benefits of progressive education for older, middle school students.

· How to retaining families in the middle school.

· Follow up on Health Education through CA.

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