Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Central Park East II Parents’ Association meeting notes

December 7, 2018 

Meeting opened at 6:00pm.

ove Community Celebration:There will be a new date for this event, most likely in March - stay tuned for updates.Parents are encouraged to provide items to be auctioned. Local businesses are generally happy to provide items because we offer free promotion and a tax deduction.Online auction will be launched as well.Communication to parents from the school:A short survey was sent to parents with questions about communication from the school and any improvements they’d like to see, plus asking for general feedback about the school. 32 responded so far. Another link will be sent out to parents the week of December 10th.A parent who attended the meeting volunteered to help with communication to families. Focus this year is on streamlining communication and making sure CPEII logo is present. Also, communication includes updating the CPEII website and Facebook page.Grants:Paul Clark, CPEII staff member, helped write previous grants, including a grant for garden and a Borough President grant. The latter was used on technology, including smart boards for classrooms and computers for the library.We have a grant intended for the new school location. We need to decide what we want done with this money.We are looking for parents who can help write grants.Future grant needs:Drama teacher wants a grant written.Capital improvement grant (application window opens in December and closing in March). We need to decide what we want to spend it on: bathroom renovation, heating system improvement?

Sustainability grants:

1. For outdoor and indoor (hydroponic) gardens. There are planter boxes outside in the small yard. Other schools in the building have expressed interest in working on the garden with us.

2. Bottle filling stations. There are currently none on the 3rd floor.

FoodBox joint initiative with Children Aid Society. Parents are encouraged to sign up to receive boxes of fresh locally grown fruit and vegetables. Only $10/box. Sign up sheet at the main office on 1st floor. A free cooking demonstration will be offered with the first distribution on December 14th.

Solstice Celebration:We are considering having a solstice celebration on Wednesday, December 19th. This will include performances by CPEII kids, both from elementary and middle school.A parent attendee volunteered to help decorate rooms for kids’ performances.Free books are still available for donating.Meeting adjourned at 6:45pm.

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