12/7/18 SLT Minutes

CPEII School Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

Friday, December 7, 2018

Agenda for next meeting (please email me if you'd like to add/comment)

- Planning February 4th community showcase day?

- Review of key points from parent survey results

- F/u on implementation of health education


Dec 7 Attendance: Naomi, Theresa, Alison, Clarissa, Yael, Elaine, Julie, Eric, Mariama, Jen, Traciz

Future meeting dates:

February 1 

March 1

April 12

May 10

June 14  (CPE2 school gathering)

Construction follow-up:Please see attached minutes from meeting with SCA reps & UFT report.  (Key points below):

   *Scope of work: rain screen & panelling to facade of building, roof repair, renovations of indoor multipurpose room on 1st floor

   *TENTATIVE timeline (subject to revision): Interior work completed by end Feb 2019.  Exterior work by early September 2019

   * Scaffolding won't come down until everything completed.  No access to large play yard until all outdoor work is completed.

   *Plan for resurfacing of play yard at completion of work.

  * UFT requested evaluation of indoor air quality

     - particulate matter and vapor testing were at safe levels

     - there was noted to be accumulation of dust in some areas, particularly on scaffolding.  2 protocols to address:

       > reinforce need to keep scaffolding clean with construction crew

       > construction will stop slightly earlier each day to allow sufficient time for clean up of debris/dust

SLT meeting questions about resurfacing of play yard & outdoor space once available:

> Can it be rubberized?

> Can we get new basketball hoops (100th street side)

> Play structure on east side needs to be replaced

Middle school open house/Retaining more families to stay for middle school

- Evening middle school open house held on Nov 27th

     > Per Naomi, CPE1 and River East were contacted and sent out emails inviting parents to this event

     > 8th graders displayed the museum they created on the Reconstruction period in US History using real artifacts from the time period

     > Parents (Julie & Felix) spoke about pluses of CPE2 middle school.  Specifically: 1. development of self-esteem, confidence and preparedness for navigating school and the world in general, 2. Sense of community and that parents have a voice in our school

- Clarissa & Jen expressed one area to improve would be trying to optimize opportunity for prospective middle school parents to interact with/see teachers and get a sense of what it's like in the classrooms.  One way to do this would be to offer daytime tour

  > Naomi offered morning tour to prospective 5th grade parents on December 11.  I personally attended the tour and thought it was great; I felt I got a much better sense (compared to the evening meeting) of what day-to-day might be like in the middle school & got to see classrooms in action which was very helpful.  

  >Brainstorming to incorporate school day middle school tours in future (please add ideas or comments)

     -offer morning tour in November (so MS classes have had time to establish routines, etc) but get the word out earlier: give more notice so parents have time to arrange their work/childcare/etc so they can attend.  If feasible, also offer a tour in October. 

    - offer a morning tour for CPE2 FOURTH grade families later in the year (May?).  Allows middle school classes time to establish routines & form community.  Also gets CPE2 MS on the radar early for parents

     - Could a parent or Saramit help with guiding tours to reduce time commitment required from administration?

Day of Service/Community Event(s) -

- CAS has a partner who can provide volunteers. Will see if they can come over MLK weekend to focus on specific indoor projects (eg. cleaning out closets, moving things, etc)

- Naomi has also set out call for volunteers to help on some Saturday mornings

- Discussion about art and murals

  > Comment on the importance of physical space in creating school/community environment and need to be intentional about space/art

  > Importance of having the kids who attend CPE2 represented in both the artwork and the artists; it would be ideal if artists could be from East Harlem and from all racial/ethnic backgrounds

  > CAS has contact with the artist who did the main mural on the first floor 

  > Alison wants to be in charge of murals/art/space design

- Other needs are: planting in outdoor space in Spring, keeping outdoor spaces clean

-  Suggestion to have multiple days in spring for school community to do volunteering at school:

Monday, February 4th -evening: day to bring community together

- performances (violin,dance), open house to see work in classrooms, food

- action item:  plan at next SLT?

Progressive education & communicating how CPE2 is special

Discussion around how to communicate "what is progressive education" and also showing how it changes as kids grow

Points discussed:

- Working on increasing interaction between younger and older kids to improve overall community feeling

- Continued work to mesh the 2 major communities joined by the move (CPE2 and PS50 families)

- Need to communicate especially to new families about what is progressive education and how it changes as kids grow

**At the middle school level (for kids applying to HS) this is done via portfolios that are kept for each child.

 - Communicating that progressive education can still be rigorous and students will be prepared for other HS/college/etc.  There is often concern from families about getting into a "good HS" and need to prepare for that early.

- Updating the website to communicate special things about CPE2 (Julie is actively working on new website)

   > Theresa made suggestion for each group of teachers (early childhood/older elementary/MS/specials) to write a short blurb (or video) about what their area & can be posted to website

   > Have videos of teachers and examples (eg restorative circle, learning math) on website.  

   > Highlight special activites at CPE2 (eg ice skating, Rosies kids, etc)

 - Bulletin board at school with teachers names/pictures.  Or including some teachers/admin in slide show running in front

- We need an event to showcase progressive education for our families: February 4th??

Some questions about staffing at middle school

- Clarissa and Dre are longest standing teachers

- Middle school staff has expanded from 3 to 9 as school has grown

- Every class is ICT class at MS

- Strong ELA/humanities team

- Can be difficult to hire good quality new teachers with short notice (eg over summer)

Professional development for teachers:

> teachers can select own path to professional growth.

   - Ex Clarissa is working on improving use of project-based assessments (instead of standardized tests) as "scores" and to assess kids

   - Eight teachers are doing work around trauma: how can teachers/school better support kids who have experienced trauma

   - Work around middle school advisory, implicit bias work 

*Update from previous meeting: CA will work to provide health education into the school day. Staff will be trained to provide health education starting in grade 4.

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