12/8/17 CPEII PA Meeting Minutes

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Meeting came to order 8:35am.

1. Secretary report

The PA voted on and passed updated bylaws. The method of executive board succession and titles of exec board members were slightly altered.

2. Fundraising:

a. Families have entail December 10 to shop Barnes and Noble online with a discount. 10 percent. Code is on CPE 2 website.

b. Book culture is having 20 percent off sale this weekend. If you mention CPE 2 at checkout we get a donation.

c. Mariama reported on the “I Heart Community” fundraiser. . More items to auction are needed, at any price point. Could be a free service, if you are a hair cutter, massage therapist, etc. We are also still looking for restaurants to donate food. It will probably cost $15 to attend the event, which will include food and appetizers (drinks extra).

3. Please take a look at the bar for scooter lockup outside the school building.

Everyone must bring their own lock. A bike rack will hopefully to come later. Please let us know how it is working for you. Email PA with your comments. PA suggestion box on the CPE 2 website.

4. Budget report:

a. It is proper that the PA spend at least as much as we raise each year. It is our role to help enrich the school experience. Spending for these things is valuable.

b. We have a budget item for water stations, but we need a parent to take on that project.

c. We made a little less money on the fall fair than anticipated, but we brought in enough from supply fees that our income level is about what was planned.

d. The Health and Wellness committee has requested an additional $200 for their budget. This was approved.

e. We may want to add funds for the auction in budget. The PA already voted to allocate funds for it at an earlier meeting this fall.

5. Fund drive:

An email was sent on giving Tuesday. $2,100 of our $20,000 goal has been reached so far. This is an annual drive, and thus is would be ok to give at any point during the year, including in installments.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05am.

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