2/3/18 CPEII PA Meeting Minutes

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

1. The public hearings on possible re-location of our school are coming up. It is important that parents and other supportive people attend. There will be two dates for hearings. Pleas attend. The school will provide child care and pizza both nights.

2. Discussion about the potential move and preparations for the public hearings. Naomi urged all parents to attend on one of the two hearing dates. Theresa mentioned idea of a flyer to remind people. Naomi suggested that parents act as ambassadors to ask other parents to attend. we could have signup sheets at each of the parent-teacher conferences. The hearings are about relocating our school, not about closing of PS 50. We sympathize with PS 50 but at hearings we should focus on the situation for CPE 2.

3. Discussion of transportation issues, with parents' thoughts on the possible relocation and what possible options and solutions might be possible, especially for families who live uptown and on the west side. Parents raised issues of transportation, playground space, how we would have space for fall fair, air quality, possible noise pollution, strengthening identity of the middle school, sharing space with the other schools in the building, after school programs, including Children's Aid Society program already located in the building. Is there an income limit for participation in their free programs?

4. PA may need to do additional fundraising to redecorate the interior of the school to help imbue it with a CPE 2 vibe.

5. Idea arose that we should clarify plans for after school as soon as possible after move is approved, because parents need to register for programs in the spring. We will need help with planning and organizing after March first. The SLT and PA board will not be able to manage it alone.

6. Auction tonight! tickets available until 5:30pm. About 80 sold so far. Additional items are available that are not on website.

7. Spring fair, April 28. this is healthy, exercise version of fall fair. we will need help with food, etc., as with the fall fair. Help will be needed from parents to make some phone calls to get possible help from police, wellness centers, and to get services to come to the fair. If you can help, please email healthwellness@cpe2.org. We will also have electronics recycling happening. If you have a large item to recycle, email in advance, like if you want to turn in a big, old TV.

8. Treasurer’s report: Fund drive is in motion. Any size donation is great. It will look good for other fundraising to show high percentage of participation. Fundraising letter will come out soon.

9. Meeting adjourned at 9:17am.

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