4/5/2019 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Central Park East II

Parent’s Association Meeting

Wednesday, April 5, 2019, 7:00pm

Meeting minutes

1. Spring fair

a. We need parents to sign up to bring food and to help manage the fair activity tables.

b. This year, activities will include tie dyes, a bike blender to make smoothies, science experiments, planting, an Opus 118 performance, and a martial arts demonstration.

2. Talent show.  We need someone to be the director.  It will happen in mid-May.

3. 8th grade graduation:

a. We would like to make this special. We want to provide every graduate with a photo, cap and gown, senior trip to a day at Club Getaway, a celebration party after the graduation ceremony, and some kind of swag, like hoodies.  This adds up to $265 per student.  We will have a raffle to raise money to help cover costs. 

b. The PA hopes to contribute $1500 to help cover costs for families who can't afford it.  We want to make this a regular budget item.

4. Picture day for 8th grade is May 18. 

5. The next PA meeting is currently scheduled for May 1, a scheduled testing day. We will need to move it to a new day.

6. Will there be some kind of moving up ceremony for fifth graders? There has been in the past. We will look into this.  

7. Budget: We looked at a previous year’s budget. For this year, we added building improvement funds, camping, and 8th grade graduation expenses.

8. Kitchen: The water supply in the family room is not drinkable. We will look into how to fix this, whether by a filter or another way.  

9. PA Executive board elections: A couple of people have shown interest, but we still need more—People to take the roles of parent services, communications, and vice president. If anyone has any interest, please be it ouch with Anat Gosfield.

10.The I Love Community auction made about $4,500 dollars.  This is a little bit less than last year.  The cost of the space was more this year. Otherwise we would have made about $300 more.

11.Future fundraising: We need to think about how to improve our fundraising efforts, possibly in part through new kinds of fundraisers. 

12.Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.

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