Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Central Park East II

Parent’s Association Meeting

Friday, June 7, 2019, 5:30pm

Meeting minutes

1. New Parent Coordinator: Julie Atwell has resigned her position as co-president of the PA. She is now our new parent coordinator at CPE 2. She will be liaison between families, teachers, and staff. If you have questions and don’t know who to ask, email Julie. Her email is julie@cpe2.org. She will also be leading some activities to support families, including workshops. She will send a survey to families over the summer to see what issues families are concerned about.

2. Budget:PA voted to approve $1,800 for the eighth grade graduation celebration. This is part of our effort to show strong support for the middle school. Graduation will happen at noon on June 20, with a party at 5pm.

3. Future of the PA:

- PA President: Mariama Duncan is running to serve as PA president again next year.

- We still need someone to be in charge of parent services. This person will help coordinate the class parents. We hope that the class parents will help push for participation in school events. Please email PA President or Anat Gosfield if you are interested.

- We need someone to serve as co-treasurer of the PA. Meredith has volunteered to be co-treasurer, but we are still looking for the second person to share the job.

4. No school on Tuesday, June 11. There will be a teacher appreciation lunch that day. If any parents can come around 11:30 to help set up, that would be great.

5. Food boxes:The last food box order of the year will be due by this coming Monday. Pickup will be on Friday at the school.

6. Health and Wellness Committee:We are looking for someone to co-chair the Health and Wellness committee next year. Maja Cerar, Daria Geers’ mom, will be one co-chair, but we are looking for a second person. For any parent who wants to help push for healthy foods at school lunches, this committee would be a good way to get involved.

7. Healthy food march:There will be a march for Healthy school food this Sunday, June 9 by the Healthy School Foods Alliance. They will march across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall.

8. Fall Fair:It would be great for anyone who is interested to help manage the fall fair to email the PA soon. That way we can include you in conversations to help brainstorm ideas and start making plans.

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