9/5/18 CPEII Meeting Minutes

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Central Park East II

Parent’s Association Meeting

Wednesday, September 5, 8:30am

Meeting minutes

1. The co-presidents of the PA introduced themselves: Mariama Duncan and Julie Atwell

2. Volunteers are neededfor committees and to help organize the fall fair, our biggest fundraiser of the year.

3. Here are some ongoing fundraising activitiesthat all families can help with:

a. Fairway cards – Show at checkout for donation from Fairway to CPE II

b. Amazon: Use link on CPE II website to get donation with every purchase

c. Box tops: Many food boxes (cereal, granola bars, etc.) have a spot on their top that we can collect and redeem for donations.

4. Budget: PA treasurer Megan Horton gave a budget report

a. The PA has about $85,000 in our savings account. This is our reserve fund. This amount is good, in case of emergencies or years when we can’t make our fundraising goals.

b. The PA spends about $40,000 per year

c. The money is used to supplement school programs. Things such as skating, swimming, field trips, the 92ndSt. Y music program, and more.

d. We want to raise about $40,000 through the fall fair, the silent auction (winter), and the spring fair.

5. The PA bylaws

a. The executive committee of the PA proposed some small amendments to the PA bylaws.

b. The proposed revised bylaws were passed out. Changes were described by Mariama: New PA committees for (1) Communications/IT, (2) Health & Wellness, (3) Membership and (4) Special Events.

6. Jen McKenna explained the suggestion box on school website and encouraged families to use it.

7. The PA has Facebook and Instagram accounts. They will be more active this year. Please friend them!

8. The other PA board members made quick introductions. Jen McKenna, Megan Horton (treasurer), Doug Geers (secretary)

9. Principal Naomi Smith proposed amendments to the standard DOE calendar for CPE II

a. Professional development days for this school year.

i. These are days when we will not have classes so that teachers can complete professional development programs. 

ii. After school will still happen on these days.

10.As usual, CPE II will hold the Mid-Year family conference in February, not March as is standard for the DOE. They will be February 13th and 14th. 

11. The PA voted to approve these amended schedule issues.

12. The PA voted to approve the proposed budget

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