9/15/17 CPEII PA Meeting Minutes

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

CPE 2 Parents’ Association meeting

September 15, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Naomi Smith greeted parents. Alissa Peck greetings. PA executive board introductions. New parents introductions Announcements Alissa mentions existence of middle school

and that evening PA meetings will happen there Meet your class (aka curriculum night) will happen next week on September 18-19th.

Batia reported on the CPE 2 Fall fair, which

will happen October 21, from noon to 5pm. The event is largely planned. Now we need volunteers to staff booths and help with PR. This year we will have a rock wall, bouncy house, obstacle course. Wristband will be $25. This will allow kids to participate in many games and crafts. We will decorate the garden and kids can pick up pumpkins there. Hot 97 will be there with truck and prizes. They will help promote event. Carnival games will happen. We need prizes for them. We are also looking for gifts for raffles.

vii. If anyone has access to color printer to print some posters for event, that would be great.

viii.We need volunteers to bring food, help set up, and help clean up. Vendors are welcome. If you know any, please let Batia know. Vendors will give school a portion of their sales. Last year fair raised $13k net. We hope to improve on that this year. There will be a rummage sale. Bring clothes, toys, books to school the day before the fair.

Alex Donn reported on the PA bylaws. They are available for everyone to read. He passed out some hard copies.

Mariama reported on the health and wellness committee. She described healthy snack policy, in particular for birthday parties. There are grants that require healthy snacks. We would like to apply for them, but we need to have healthy food policy. Let's have a conversation about snacks.

We need to improve language in our parents’ handbook. Please communicate with your teacher about your wish for healthy snacks. Other PA funding sources: requests for donations, sales of items.

NOTE that Amazon Smile does not work for CPE2. Instead Amazon has given us a link that gives us six percent of sales! Please use this link. It is on the CPE 2 website. You can bookmark it!

Fairway club cards will give us 2 percent of sales. Elaine is running our Fairway relationship. It is possible to scan a card to an app? We will investigate.

A parent suggested that we survey how many parents are members of stores like Costco, etc., to help us request support from them.

An explanation of the IEP process will happen at a district meeting on September 27. Interested parents/guardians are encouraged to attend.

We have a listserv for news and opportunities. We will ask Naomi to put link to this on next S’mores.

We have no place to store scooters currently, or strollers. We will work on a solution to this. There was a request that we have Spanish translation at future PA meetings. We also should translate the PA bylaws and PA meeting minutes.

Meeting adjourned, 9:40am.

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