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Middle School 

Open House

For all NYC  5th Graders

Monday, November 4th


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Welcome to CPE II

At Central Park East II we believe that all children are gifted readers, writers, mathematicians, scientist, artists and vital members of their communities.  We encourage students to explore the world at their own pace, and to take an active part in shaping their classrooms, homes and neighborhoods.


Every day, in ways both big and small, CPEII students are learning to make difference.

CPE II PA 2019-2020

Events Calendar

9/5 Thursday 8:30-9:15am

Back-to-School Parent Breakfast & PA Meeting.

Set up work groups (Fall Fair, Class Parents, Talent Show, Auction, Health Wellness, Spring Fair, etc).  

9/13 Friday, 5:30pm

Welcome-Back Family Picnic

(Central Park, East Meadow off 100th St)

9/26 Thursday, 8:30am

Health & Wellness Meeting

Agenda set up future Health Wellness Meeting.Improve cafeteria environment and school food.  Spring Fair plan?

  POSTPONED to 9/20/19  


Central Park East II - Pre-K 3 to 8th Grade

433 E 100th Street New York, NY 10029