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Our Partnerships


Community Partners

​Many of the programs and enrichments available to our children at CPEII happen as the result of well-developed and maintained partnerships with community organizations, agencies and venues.



Cool Culture

Available for Pre-k 3, Pre-K 4, and Kindergarten families, Cool Culture provides access to art and cultural institutions to broaden experiences and promote learning.

Children's Aid

Our most comprehensive partnership, Children's Aid is an integral part of life at CPEII. From after school programs, to classroom support, to help for families, Children's Aid enhances and enriches the CPEII experience.  

Opus 118

One of CPEII's longest standing partnerships is with Opus 118. This vital organization provides many CPEII students with the opportunity to engage in musical instruction.


Asphalt Green

"Just keep swimming," isn't just a quote from a Disney character. Thanks to an ongoing partnership with Asphalt Green, all CPEII students get regular, weekly swimming lessons in 2nd Grade.

Rosie's Theater Kids

Rosie's Kids helps our 5th graders build confidence and find their voice through musical theater.

John McEnroe Tennis

Thanks to a partnership with the John McEnroe Tennis Academy 3rd Grade students get regular tennis instruction on Randall's Island.

92nd Street Y

The 92nd Street Y contributes to music education programs for kindergarten through third graders.

Billion Oyster Project

The Billion Oyster project gives CPEII students the opportunity to engage in scientific study that directly impacts the ecology of our city.