Parents Association » 2023/24 PA Minutes

2023/24 PA Minutes

Central Park East II
Parents Association Meeting Minutes
Date: Thursday, September 7th
Time: 8:45 am
Location: School Auditorium (in person meeting)
In attendance: Megan Moore, Kim Meyer, Cynthia Ramos, Julie Atwell, Gema Imbert, Prince
Opoku (Children’s Aid). Over 40 parents came in and out of meeting. Full attendance
1. About the PA: After brief intro by Julie, new Parents Association (PA) President Megan
Moore introduced herself. Other PA Executive Board Members who were present also
introduced themselves. Moore proceeded to explain what the PA is and how every
parent and guardian of a child enrolled in CPE2 is automatically a member. The role of
the Parent’s Association in funding special programs, including Gardening, Biobus,
Tennis, Rossy’s Kids , basketball and others, and helping build community was explained
and stressed, as was the importance of parents and guardians becoming involved to
insure they have a voice and vote in all that happens at CPE2.
2. Volunteering: Megan and Julie both made calls for volunteers to step up and help in
whatever way they can. Julie expressed the ease and importance of committees and all
that that been achieved at CPE2 through the years thanks to them. A list of committees
for upcoming activities and objectives was presented, including Family Fun Day, Events,
Nomi9nating Committee, Community Building, Gardening, Graduating and Fall Fair. A
vote was taking to establish meeting dates for the Parents Association. Votes passed for
meeting one month on Monday Night via Zoom and the following on Friday Morning in
person .
3. Budget: The budget for what the PA spent/ paid during the 2022-2023 school year was
presented. The proposed budget for the 20023-2024 budget was then presented and
explained. Attendees voted to approve the new budget, which passed unanimously. A
slide showing income that came in during the summer months was also shown.
4. Fall Fair: Megan explained that Fall Fair is the biggest fundraising event and what kind of
entertainment and foods are usually available. Another call for volunteers to come in
and help was made. It was also explained that we are looking for donations and
sponsorships for Fall Fair to lower costs.
There were several questions from attendees regarding Children’s Aid that were answered by
Prince. Another attendee asked about grants.
The meeting ended at 9:20 and attendees were invited to complementary coffee and snacks.
Central Park East II
Parents Association Meeting Minutes
Date: Monday, October 16, 2023
Time: 6:30pm
Place: Online Via Zoom
1. Upcoming Fundraisers and Events
2. Treasurer's Report
3. Principal’s report
4. Parent Coordinator’s report
Upcoming Fundraisers and Events
  • Fall fair coming up; many planned fall fair activities. Fundraising
    event: $15 for first wristband (unlimited access). $10 for each
    additional band.
  • Please reach out to Naomi if you are experiencing
    any financial need.
  • Wristbands can be purchased online via our
    website and after school; look out for PA members in school yard.
  • Volunteers needed in various areas, specifically bouncy house,
    food sales, popcorn popper and clean-up. Please email
    [email protected] to volunteer.
Announcement made in Spanish to reach out to any Spanish speakers in

Treasurer's Report
  • Year to date (as of 7/1/23) expense - $281.98
  • Income - $7869.75 (no supply contribution)
  • Current Bank Account Balance: $44,708.92
  • Budget: $40,718
  • ‘No contribution income’ is spent on supplementing many of our
    programs and fund some of our programming.
  • Read-a-thon brought in $4360 in total donations. 96 readers
    activated. Send out text messages to family and friends to support
    our readers. All donations go towards current funding.
  • Read-a-thon ends Friday 10/20/23.
Principal’s report - Title 1 Schoolwide Program
  • Supplementary funding coming from federal government. In the past it was given to student meeting
    low income guideline. The money can be pulled with tax-levy money (money from state) to support the
    education of all the students in the school. This is additional funding to increase the success of all our students.
  • 1% is set aside for parent involvement.
  • Money is also set aside for professional development.
  • Looking for a Title 1 representative (parent representative).
  • Contact Naomi for more information. This is a volunteer

Parent Coordinator’s report
  • High school and middle school applications are open now. Tours
    will be scheduled for CPE2 families.
  • District Middle school fair will on 11/14 & 11/15.
  • Families who are in 5 th grade and want to stay at CPE2 are still
    required to submit a middle school application.
    12/8/23 – deadline for middle school applications
  • 12/1/23 - deadline for high school application
  • Please reach out to Julie for any assistance with high school applications.
Upcoming events:
Coffee with Naomi & Julie on Wednesday 10/18/23 @8:30am.
We try to have Coffee meet-up at least once a month.
CPE2 Parents Association Meeting Minutes
Friday, November 10, 2023 8:30am
1. Approve Meeting Notes
2. Fall Fair Recap
3. Treasurer's Report
4. Read-a-thon
5. Fall Wine Tasting
6. Principal’s report
7. Parent Coordinator’s report
Translation provided in Spanish throughout meeting.
Approve Meeting Notes
o Julie reviewed October’s meeting notes. Minutes approved.
Fall Fair Recap
o Fall fair was a success!
o Special thanks to businesses/individuals that donated, volunteers, all who attended & cleaned up.
Treasurer's Report
o Fall Fair
 Expense: $2188.56
 Income: $3981.35
 Profit: $1792.79
o Other Income since last meeting - $6405.52 (no supply
o Current Bank Account Balance: $51,650.71
o Budget: $40,718
o ‘No contribution income’ is spent on supplementing many of our programs and fund some of our programming.
o We have a proposed budget, and it is normal to have that updated based on actual changes and needs throughout the school year.
o We are running out of money, and we have to ‘shave off’ from other areas based on need. Some areas cannot be reduced because funding was given specifically for this category.
o Brought in $4533.75 in total donations. Great way to raise money with minimal administrative effort.
o 102 readers activated.
o 6176 minutes logged.
o Prizes are in and will be distributed soon.
Fall Wine Tasting
o The CPE2 Parents Association (PA) invites all CPE2 parents to a fall wine-tasting event on Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 6:00 - 8:00PM at Rosenthal Wine Merchants in East Harlem. 
o This event will be limited to 35 adults, so please reserve your spot early. Please email Gary Pai [email protected] if you would like to contribute any crackers, cheese or charcuterie to the event.
o Advanced reservations: $15; Entry fee at the door: $20. We want all parents to participate! Please email Naomi for financial assistance [email protected]
Principal’s Report
o Most teacher’s supplies have been distributed.
o We are thankful for out new arrivals.
o New arrivals in temporary housing will only have 60 days until they may have to move. Please contact Naomi if you are having any problems with this.
o No matter where student is displaced, they can remain in school. Transportation will remain for this school year.
Parent Coordinator’s Report
o A small number of parents are running all events. Fall Fair was pulled off by a very small group. We need more people to actively get involved with PA. No experience necessary. It is not only about the money/fundraising; help us needed in many other areas. We may need a special communication for our new families Help is needed with that specific group.
o Please let us know if you are not receiving emails from CPE2
o Photo fee: In the past pictures was one of the biggest fundraisers at CPE2. This year it is included on supply fee. $80 was asked for each student and any donation from $1-$80 was accepted. This year only 112 families donated.
o Things at CPE2 was always covered if money was an issue for families. This remains the same.
o Parent suggestion: Use WhatsApp. Many of our new families and students are on this platform.
o Parent suggestion: have qr code ready for forms that are
mentioned in meetings.
o Some new families feel some tension with security and staff. They want sensitivity and patience since they are new and are not aware/familiar of school community and how things work.
Next PA Meeting: Monday, December 11th on Zoom

CPE2 Parents Association Meeting

December 11, 2023


Approve meeting notes

Treasurer notes

Upcoming events

Spring Fair committee

Naomi and Julie

Approve meeting notes from November

Megan asked for a motion to approve. Kim Myers makes a motion to approve. Meeting notes approved.

Treasurer notes

Expenses since last meeting

  • 2022 yearbooks $1267.50
  • Middle school basketball  $475
  • Flag football $400
  • 5th grade trip $309

SUBTOTAL   $2451.50

YEAR TO DATE  $5097.89

The budget for the whole year is roughly $49,000 and so far $5000 has been spent. There are large upcoming expenses, including the website. 

Income since last meeting

  • No Supply’ contribution $4379.05
  • Annual Fund  $1215
  • Garden grant $4075
  • Wine night  $273
  • Readathon $906.75

SUBTOTAL $10,848.80

YEAR TO DATE $28,371.90

We brought in money in the last month through the ‘No Supply’ contribution and through Giving Tuesday efforts. CPE2 received an Edible School Yard Grant of about $8000. To date, $4000 of that has hit our account.

Bank account balance at time of meeting: $60,186.06

Upcoming Events

The next family night is a moving night, on January 19. Details TBD.

The next PA meeting will be in person on January 12, 8:30am in the auditorium. 

There was a call for Spring Fair committee volunteers.
Volunteers included Gema Imbert, Anand Gan, Kim Myers, Sarita Martinez, Kareem C., Nandi Bosia, Evelis Galarza, Mike Lopez. 



Naomi and Julie

Naomi announced there will be a holiday boutique. We need new and used items to sell. 

The Edible School Yard grant will be used to enhance the gardening program. We still have lettuce and have been distributing. Next on the agenda for the school yard is to build a storage shed. 

Naomi also added that school photos will be distributed before the break.


January 12, 2024

CPE2 General Parent Association Meeting


Approve meeting notes

Treasurer notes

Upcoming events

-Movie night canceled

Naomi and Julie

-State Tests Online

-Mayoral Control Hearings

-New Literacy Curriculum


Treasurer Notes

-Money spent: $8890

-Expenses include CPE2 website, Middle School Basketball league fee, Garden shed

-Income: $5120.65

-Income includes No Supply Fee contributions, Annual Fund donation, Giving Tuesday

Upcoming events

-Movie night canceled

-February 9 will have drop in play date

-Please contact PA President if you’d like to volunteer for Spring Fair

Naomi and Julie

-State Tests Online - State test will now be on computers, not written by hand

-Mayoral Control Hearings are upcoming

-New Literacy Curriculum - All schools will have a new literacy curriculum

-Attendance - It is very important to send kids to school

Next Meeting: February 12, 2024 on Zoom

Next Coffee with Naomi and Julie: February 13, 2024

February 12, 2024 at 6:30pm via Zoom.


  • Snow Day - Remote Learning
  • Treasurer notes
  • Naomi’s 75th Birthday
  • Upcoming events
    • Family game night
    • The Great CPEII Spring Fling
  • Naomi and Julie
    • Attendance

School will be remote 2/13/24

Treasurer’s notes

No money spent since last meeting

Expenses to date total $13,987.95

Income since last meeting $1225

Income sources include an annual fund donation and from the holiday boutique

Income to date total $34,717.83

Naomi’s surprise 75th birthday party was a success. Thank you for all who were able to celebrate with us.

Upcoming events

Coffee with Naomi canceled 2/13/24 due to snow

Family game night will be Friday, March 15th, 5-6:30pm

A poll was run in the chat comments: afternoon vs evening time? Evening won

Jordan L. and Brandi C. volunteered to help out

The Spring Fair is now called the Great CPE2 Spring Fling

Due to low volunteer numbers, this year’s event will be a BBQ with music

Brandie C volunteered to help out
Marielena C. volunteered to help with plant sales

Julie shared some upcoming District 4 news: 

Early Childhood Town Hall:  Tuesday, February 13th at 5:30 PM on Zoom

CEC February meeting:  Wednesday, February 14th at 6 PM 

HYBRID @ PS 155 & on Zoom

Parent Information Session:  IncludeNYC Special Education series

Session #1 Parent Rights & IDEA LAW beginning @ 10AM on Zoom

Presidents' Council February meeting

 Friday, February 16th @ 12 PM on Zoom

Cafe Con Kristy

Friday, February 16th @ 3 PM on Zoom

Prek and 3K enrollment due by March 1, 2024. For all kids born in 2020 and 2021

Naomi talked about how important attendance is to the school community

There were reward suggestions in the chat. 

Naomi asked that we reschedule Coffee with Naomi. The new date is Thursday,  Feb. 15, 2024

Kareem will be there and bring juice

Kim will set up coffee

Megan will bring baked goods

Meeting adjourned. 


Approve meeting minutes

Treasurer notes

Upcoming events

Family game night

The Great CPEII Spring Fling

Calendar Subscriptions

Nominating Committee

Naomi and Julie

Title I

High School Offers

Summer Rising



A motion was made to approve the meeting notes from January and February.

The motion was confirmed



Treasurer notes

$16,928.97 was spent since last meeting. Expenses include school photos for all 

students, birthday cake for Naomi’s birthday

Expenses for the year total $30,916.92

No income since last meeting. 

Income for the year total: $34,717.83



Upcoming events

March 15 - Family Game Night.

Parents/guardians must attend with kids

Snacks will be for sale

April 8 Next PA meeting on zoom

April 9 Family fun night

May 4 The Great CPE2 Spring Fling

This year’s Spring event will be much more simple due to a low number of volunteers. The event will be free to all families, though donations will be happily accepted to keep PA costs low. This year we will have a BBQ, music and a plant sale. 


Kim Meyer covered how to subscribe to the CPE2 calendar


Julie explained the nominating committee


Naomi explained title I funds and how they can be spent. There was a vote to approve spending these funds for school supplies as the school deems necessary. The vote was unanimous and approved. 








  • Approve meeting minutes
  • Treasurer notes
  • Upcoming events
  • Spring Raffle
  • Calendar Subscriptions
  • Naomi 


Megan, PA president, welcomed attendees. She outlined the agenda which included approving previous meeting notes, treasurer's report, upcoming events, and a solar eclipse recap.


Approval of previous meeting notes

The March meeting notes were motioned for approval by Kim and seconded. A vote in the chat passed the approval unanimously.


Treasurer's report

Megan reported no expenses since the last meeting. Income totaled $2,185 including senior dues, camping fees, and the spring raffle. The bank balance was $43,062. Gary inquired about a grant, which Megan explained had been received and requirements were being met. The next half of the gardening grant is expected in June. 


Upcoming events and volunteer opportunities

Megan detailed upcoming events like Lemonade with Naomi (April 9) and the Spring Fling barbecue (May 4). She requested volunteers for setup, the food table, and cleanup via a Signup Genius link. Kareem volunteered her car for food pickup.


Spring raffle details

Megan announced prize details and that tickets were $1 each, available via purple folders, email, or the meeting. Elizabeth asked about payments and was told cash in folders was accepted. $650 had been raised so far for the raffle.


Calendar subscriptions and communications

Kim explained how to subscribe to the school calendar on the website for reminders. Kari suggested teachers remind parents of events at drop-off/pickup to aid communication for younger students.


Solar eclipse event recap

Naomi reported over 40 families signed up. Many enjoyed viewing glasses for the eclipse. Photos would be shared to relive the fun community experience.


Closing and adjournment

Megan thanked all for attending and closed the meeting. Attendees expressed appreciation for Megan and the executive board.


Meeting Purpose

Discuss PA (Parent Association) updates, upcoming events, and elections

Key Takeaways

  • The spring raffle was a success, selling 2,532 tickets
  • Year-to-date income is $42,012 against a goal of $40,000
  • Upcoming events include Coffee with Naomi on 5/17, Family Picnic & PA Elections on 6/14
  • Open positions for next year include President, Secretary, Treasurer, VP roles
  • Planning starting for Fall Fair committee in July
  • Spring Fling event went well with games, plant sales, 8th grade t-shirt tying
  • Considering rebranding/revamping the end-of-year Family Picnic event


Treasurer's Report

  • Approved April meeting notes
  • Expenses since last meeting: $583 (classroom supplies, gardening, alternative meets)
  • Income since last meeting: $4,844 (spring raffle, trips, dues, rummage, plant sale)
  • Year-to-date income: $42,012 (goal is $40,000)
  • Bank account balance: $47,333

Spring Raffle

  • Sold 2,532 tickets, exceeding expectations
  • Some proceeds still coming in via website
  • Thanks to donors and volunteers

Upcoming Events

  • Coffee with Naomi on 5/17 at 8:30am with plant sale, baked goods
  • Family Picnic & PA Elections on 6/14 at 5:30pm, considering outdoor games/activities
  • Student work displays on 5/23 from 2:30-5pm
  • Broadway Jr. presentation of "Into the Woods" in early June

PA Elections & Volunteer Roles

  • Open positions: President, Secretary, Treasurer (co-roles encouraged)
  • VP of Parent Services and VP of Communications also open
  • Fall Fair planning committee starting in July

End-of-Year Event Ideas

  • Rebrand/revamp traditional "Family Picnic" event
  • Suggestions: student performances, basketball game, variety show alongside food/gathering

Next Steps

  • Reach out to run for PA Board positions
  • Volunteer for Fall Fair planning committee
  • Attend upcoming Coffee with Naomi and end-of-year events
  • Provide input on revamping the end-of-year celebration