High School Application DEADLINE - December 1st!!

NOW is the time to find 12 Schools, finalize auditions materials, portfolios, essays and forms!!
Students who registered for the SHSAT will be tested THIS Wednesday, November 8, 2023. 
It is a 3 Hour test, without breaks.  Please make sure students who are testing get plenty of rest.
Some high schools are participating in Diversity in Admissions.  This means they set aside a certain number of seats for students who qualify for Free Lunch.  If you believe your student is eligible:

Fill out the School Lunch Form ASAP!

For important information and links related to High Schools Applications, including information about auditions, portfolios, essays, and other assessments, check out our updated 
Have questions?  Need help finding schools?  Check your email for the link to HS Application Open Office Hours, tomorrow from 11:00AM to 1:00PM, or email [email protected].
Download the HS Application Work Form
Fill it out and send to [email protected] to help ensure you maximize
your student's chances by submitting a balanced application.

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